Looking for Winter

19 12 2011

It’s hard to get into the holiday/Christmasy mood when the sun is shining, the streets are lined with palm trees, the beach is filled with volleyball players, boogie boarders and paddle boarders, and you’re wearing flip flops.  It just doesn’t scream ‘Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland’ or ‘I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…’ does it?

Well you can imagine how excited I was when we planned a trip away from the beach and into the mountains to Big Bear Lake, Southern California’s skiing destination.  WINTER WONDERLAND here we come!!  So for the trip I packed my Canadian snow boots (to mark my territory and leave Canadian maple leaf foot prints everywhere I went), a heavy poncho, my leather coat, my leather gloves, a wool wintercoat (just in case), and my cool winter hat that I wear about 1 week a year.   You can imagine the looks we got as we left the hotel lobby, which was full of flip flop wearing families on their way to Disneyland.  To give you a fair comparison, Nathan was wearing a sweatshirt.

We started the road trip with some Christmas music to get us in the holiday spirit.  As we passed people with the top down on their convertible, it just seemed wrong to be listening to Silver Bells on the radio.  So we decided that we wouldn’t turn on the Christmas music until we saw snow.

So I waited as we wound up the California mountains, and waited some more, and waited a little more.  ‘Is that snow?  No, wait, it’s just the way the sun is hitting those rocks…’  Finally!  We found snow, but only in the areas that the sun couldn’t get to.  One side of the street some snow and ice, and on the other side, dry grass and desert looking dirt.

Coming from Vancouver, Canada I think I expected a snow-covered winter village (like Whistler).  As I was shedding layer after layer of clothing, I realized that perhaps my expectations were too high, but what can you expect 90 minutes from the beach?

We did finally find some snow and a lake with a layer of ice.  I didn’t realize that ice could make so much noise, but it rivaled the quacking ducks.

Icy Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake Photo Op

Enjoying the View

And, although I didn’t get to trudge along snow covered trails, marking my territory with maple leaves, we did take advantage of a little lighthearted snow play (no snow angels though).

Snow Ball Fight...Kind Of

Taking Advantage of the Snow

A Little Fun in the Snow




15 responses

19 12 2011

such an awesome trip – you are all lucky 🙂 keep warm!

19 12 2011

Love your pictures! I, too, used to live where you would normally see snow around Christmas. This year we moved to Las Vegas, and I am finding it hard to get into the Christmas spirit. I’m hoping to make it up to nearby Mt. Charleston for some snow and hot cocoa to help me feel festive. Great post!

19 12 2011

Looks like a wonderful trip!

19 12 2011

sunshine and flip flops and all that comes with the sunny weather is great…but still, it’s so good when you can feel the cold breeze touching your skin and put on heavy boots and a winter cap….:)
nice pics!:))

19 12 2011

I had to do a quick check on your blog site.. mentioning snow..I live in Minnesota. Normally that is not an issue. This year, however, it looks as though we will not have the typical white Christmas. I was born in CA,…so am also familiar with making trips to go see snow… 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

19 12 2011

No white Christmas in Minnesota – definitely weird. It’s funny – for everyone that is looking for snow there’s probably five people that are running away from it. Have a wonderful holiday – even if the snow doesn’t get the memo :).

19 12 2011

Great pictures, thanks for sharing!!

19 12 2011
Kavi @ Lab to Fab!

Stunning photos!

19 12 2011

Oh boy, will we be seeing a post about your Holiday tree next!!! LOL


19 12 2011

Hope you had a great trip. These photos are fantastic.

26 12 2011
Jeana Valladolid

I like this post, enjoyed this one thankyou for putting up.

3 01 2012


there is a shout out for you in here! 🙂 congrats!

5 01 2012

Thanks for the recognition Amrine. And congrats on your VBA!

4 01 2012
Ewik Escalante

gives me idea. going to an adventure too. this is really inspiring 🙂

26 06 2013
Time for a Staycation | Adventures On the Road

[…] of snow.  So I came prepared with jackets and snow boots and layers galore (similar to my trip to Big Bear Lake, CA).  Well it was 65 degrees at the top of the 5200+ ft elevation, and everyone was running around in […]

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