How Many 1st’s Can you Pack into a Year?

23 02 2019

Firsts are exciting, scary, frustrating and memorable.

Honestly, I became a little bit obsessed about ‘tracking things’ when the girls were born.  I was tracking everything.  Their sleep, their feeding, their pees/poops.  And then I was tracking my own sleep and my own moods.  And then I was tracking their milestones (smiling, laughing, rolling, WALKING), holidays, new foods that they were eating, and new experiences they were having.

There are A LOT of firsts that happen during that first year and a half.  A lot of living and a lot of becoming something other than a squishy pile of baby.

One of our most notable firsts was our 1st Road Trip.

It’s laughable when I think about how much we managed to pack into our car when we took the girls on their first road trip to Vancouver BC.  Nathan and I had done this drive many many times and we had usually packed the night before or even the morning that we were leaving.  I think I spent 2 weeks making lists and practice packing before we departed on our 3 Hour road trip to take a 3 Day Trip.  And even after we had packed up everything on the list, we added the Baby Bjorn Bouncer Seats, the Rock ‘n Plays and the extra pack ‘n play….just in case.


It looks like the babies won’t fit in the car!

Brooklyn and Lucy were just over 5 months old and it was time to take them to Vancouver, BC to introduce them to some of the extended family.  We had attended previous cousin’s 100 day celebrations with the traditional Chinese Feast, so I figured this was something we should do as well, and to be honest, I had never hosted a 12 course Chinese meal before and was kind of excited about it.  Luckily, the restaurant is so used to this type of thing, a 12 course lunch meal on a Saturday for 40 people was nothing they couldn’t handle.  I on the other hand, felt like I was planning a wedding – complete with seating charts (and the drama that comes with seating charts), table numbers, guest favors, a guest book, special outfits, etc etc etc.  All while still trying to figure out nursing, nap times, and what it means to travel with twins.


But look at these cuties!


They were champs.  I was the stress case.  And if it wasn’t for my sister making a plate for me at every course, I probably wouldn’t have eaten anything.

But, although I don’t really remember eating anything, I will carry these memories with me forever:

The fact that everyone spent so long taking pictures with the twins and holding them that the restaurant told me we had to start lunch or we would run out of time before their next party 🙂

Cousins meeting their new baby cousins.

My dad, holding Lucy while chowing down on the feast with his chopsticks.  Actually, I don’t think I remember any moment of the day that my dad wasn’t holding Lucy.

My Yin Yin (grandma) cooing and singing to Brooklyn.

My friend telling me how great the wine was….and asking what we were going to do with the leftover bottles…

It was a huge blur.  I actually didn’t remember what we had done that weekend other than that lunch, but looking back at the photos I now remember that we had a great visit with my brother and sister, the girls were spoiled with their first hotel suite looking out at the Coal Harbor Marina, we enjoyed a morning Seawall walk with the mountains in the background and we actually just had a lot of great family time.


Uncle James / Lucy + Auntie Nicki / Brooklyn


So spoiled!


Early morning cuddles/snooze


Vancouver Seawall / Coal Harbor

Since that first trip, we’ve taken the girls back to Vancouver so much that the valet and most of the breakfast staff at the hotel restaurant know the girls – even the coffee shop owners down the street remember us!  We don’t pack quite as much as that first trip, but the girls’ suitcase is still bigger than ours!


19 Hours to Seattle

25 01 2014

On second thought….perhaps we do know the difference between a leisurely road trip and getting there as fast as we can.  It took us 5 days to drive from Seattle, WA to Parker, AZ.  On our way back home, we left Las Vegas, NV Saturday morning and were unloading the car at home by 12PM on Sunday.

Rather than coastal scenic byways we took the desolate highways through Nevada, Idaho and Oregon.  It felt like we had the roads to ourselves at times, and I admit that I kind of loved that (as long as we have all the gas we need).



We left Vegas in the darkness of early morning and as we drove through the desert we watched the sun come up and the sky turn pink and purple.


You don’t really think of Nevada having a very diverse landscape, but we saw desert with joshua trees, Texas Canyon like boulders, and big blue skies with puffy clouds and snow capped mountains.



We passed the 1000 Springs Waterfalls in Idaho, some of which were frozen water statues against the cliffs and saw a whole flock of migrating birds.



By the time we reached Washington State the camera was about to die.  The night before I asked Nathan – should I charge the battery?  Is there anything to see and take photos of?  His answer:  Nope, not much to see.  We stopped in Ontario, OR and after an early dinner and bedtime, prepared for a 4:30AM wake up.  Now, we thought we were in the Pacific timezone, until that is, we got to the car and were greeted by this:


I turned to Nathan and said, “what time did you wake me up??? 3:30AM?”  In the end it worked out – yes an early wake up call, but the morning and rest of the day seemed like it went on forreeevvverrrrr.

I think we both forgot how beautiful Washington is when the sun is out.  We watched the sunrise and drove through the rolling hills of Washington’s wine country.



And when we were within an hour of the house – low and behold, we found a Winter Wonderland.