19 Hours to Seattle

25 01 2014

On second thought….perhaps we do know the difference between a leisurely road trip and getting there as fast as we can.  It took us 5 days to drive from Seattle, WA to Parker, AZ.  On our way back home, we left Las Vegas, NV Saturday morning and were unloading the car at home by 12PM on Sunday.

Rather than coastal scenic byways we took the desolate highways through Nevada, Idaho and Oregon.  It felt like we had the roads to ourselves at times, and I admit that I kind of loved that (as long as we have all the gas we need).



We left Vegas in the darkness of early morning and as we drove through the desert we watched the sun come up and the sky turn pink and purple.


You don’t really think of Nevada having a very diverse landscape, but we saw desert with joshua trees, Texas Canyon like boulders, and big blue skies with puffy clouds and snow capped mountains.



We passed the 1000 Springs Waterfalls in Idaho, some of which were frozen water statues against the cliffs and saw a whole flock of migrating birds.



By the time we reached Washington State the camera was about to die.  The night before I asked Nathan – should I charge the battery?  Is there anything to see and take photos of?  His answer:  Nope, not much to see.  We stopped in Ontario, OR and after an early dinner and bedtime, prepared for a 4:30AM wake up.  Now, we thought we were in the Pacific timezone, until that is, we got to the car and were greeted by this:


I turned to Nathan and said, “what time did you wake me up??? 3:30AM?”  In the end it worked out – yes an early wake up call, but the morning and rest of the day seemed like it went on forreeevvverrrrr.

I think we both forgot how beautiful Washington is when the sun is out.  We watched the sunrise and drove through the rolling hills of Washington’s wine country.



And when we were within an hour of the house – low and behold, we found a Winter Wonderland.