Follow the Leader

4 05 2011

As luck would have it, we happened upon a perfect Spring Sunday in New York City.  After torrential downpour, whipping winds, rumbling thunder and lightning flashes on Saturday, we woke up on Sunday morning to sunny skies, and, although a bit breezy, nothing a lightweight jacket and scarf couldn’t handle.

We stumbled upon the new High Line green space park in the Meatpacking District and the local New Yorker of the group proudly led the way.  Up the staircase (20 steps we would find out) and then up the second set of steps (15), and then the third (15).  After 50 steps I wouldn’t take another step.  We are going the wrong way!  ‘No, no’, said our local tour guide, ‘this has got to be the way’.  She was so proud of her navigational abilities….that is until another 30 steps and she landed herself at the top of the staircase smack dab into a locked door.  Then, like the pied piper that she was, she led everyone (including quite a few European tourists) back down the stairs.  I met up with them once they reached 50 steps from street level, since that is where I stopped following behind.

We did finally make our way to the park (only 20 steps in total), which uses old railroad rails and stakes as part of its landscaping, where there’s a designated spot to watch the busy traffic and where I found some very cool art postcards of scenes from New York, taken with a cheap, old, film camera.  Looking through the stacks of postcards it really made me appreciate an artist’s eye, which can take trash on the side of the road and turn it into something so intriguing that I was compelled to send it in every which way to friends and family (you know who you are).

I spent the afternoon with our resident tour guide wandering around Chelsea Market, shopping at sample sales in the Meatpacking District, and snacking at local Italian eateries before we all joined together to end our day in Tribeca, at our good old standard, Wolfgang’s.  It was the epitome of a leisurely Sunday in Manhattan.

Cheers to sunny sunday’s, good friends and taking the time to enjoy both.