No Heads to Move

5 01 2012

You tend to know when something truly unique is happening to you.  It’s usually when everything is a little bit too overwhelming, when you’re experiencing sensory overload and when all you can really do is make a complete 360 turn and look around in awe.

It happened when I was surrounded by 600 hot air balloons taking off and it happened on December 16th.

Dec. 16th at the Tacomadome

When was the last time you didn’t have to sway back and forth like a metronome trying to see a concert between the heads of the people in front of you?  I don’t think I will ever experience another concert where my 5′ 2 1/2″ stature will have a complete unobstructed view of the stage.  And I LOVED it!  It was like a private concert and you forget that there’s close to 20,000 people behind you.  And…you get to see something you would never know was happening…the cameramen taking a break and chilling by the stage with a little portable espresso maker and some dark chocolate.  Pretty cool…


H to the Izzo V to the Izza

20 03 2010

The Jay Z concert in Chicago marks the end of the road for our tour.  But after 7 weeks of touring from Las Vegas to Boston and making just a few stops in between (Dallas, New Orleans, Atlanta, NYC, Norfolk, etc), I can now say that I have found a video game that I am addicted to.

The recent addition to our tour – DJ Hero.  Now, I’ve traditionally been more of a Tetris girl, and I haven’t really touched Guitar Hero or Rockband, with the exception of singing a melody or two, and I would honestly say that I enjoy watching people play video games a lot more than I like playing them.   But there is something about this game that called to me.  It could be my interest in hard core rap and my aspirations to be a DJ – obviously kidding.

Seriously now, you wouldn’t even recognize me when I’m in my zone, working the fader and scratching to my Jay Z and Eminem playlists with guys crowding around me saying “aww man, she’s killing it“, or with 3 members of the NYPD asking me to ‘show them how it’s done’.

I realized my true addiction during this last Chicago tour.  To celebrate our last show we went into the concert to see Jay and ended up with floor seats, so we were 7 rows from the stage.  While we were waiting for Jay to perform I thought about how crazy it was that I knew people sitting around us – which made sense since we were the ones that were giving out these tickets just the day before – but it was still crazy to run into people you recognize in an arena of thousands.

As Jay went through his setlist I knew a couple of his recent popular songs – Empire State of Mind, Death of the Auto Tune, but didn’t know a lot of them.  And then I would hear the opening of a song and think ‘oh, I know this one’. But how do I know it – from the video that we play constantly in the truck?  No.  And I start singing along, ‘H to the Izzo, V to the Izza’.  Why do I know the words? And this is when it hits me – my addiction has come to life – I know these songs from my constant DJ Hero playing.  I’ve decided to cut myself off.  Not because the tour has come to an end and the DJ Hero will be packed up for months on end.  It’s my decision….Really!

Here are some photos from 7 rows up:


13 03 2010

Madison Square Garden in New York City.  One of the biggest concert events of the year.  A lane shut down on 7th & 32nd.  An Event Marketing first.  And a line winding down the block.

Guess who gets to walk past that long line up and hop up those steps? 

Our RocPopShop event at Madison Square Garden was an amazing success. 

After months of hard work, and a day of limited sleep with only mango smoothies as sustenance, the event that we’ve been working on for so long has come and passed.  But the “Awe” factor still lasts…Madison Square Garden…..CRAZY!

Bringing NYC to the T-Dot

14 11 2009

Jay Z performed at the Air Canada Center on Hallowe’en night in Toronto, and we were there to see it. 

While watching Jay on MuchOnDemand in our hotel room 2 blocks away from the Much Music building, we got the official email – “4 tickets waiting at willcall under Traci Lee”

After picking up my sister, grabbing dinner at Springrolls (, we sat down in our seats just as the 10 minute countdown started.  Perfect Timing. 

After spending a year working in these circles, we were finally going to see ‘the magic happen’.  It was a soldout show – the only seat available being the one beside us with the extra ticket burning a hole in my pocket.  There was tons of energy and Jay definitely knows how to control an audience.  

Goodbye Brooklyn…

8 05 2009

Okay, let’s get serious now and talk about the real Brooklyn experiences. 

It’s a whole different culture over there, where the most popular male clothing size is a 38 pant and 2XL shirt, where everything is  “hey mama, how you doin“, and the girls talk about how their “booty’s kickin and their boobs are poppin’. ” It always amazed me how many things the women could hold in their bras.  I would be ringing up sales, and all of a sudden out pops a cell phone, and then out pops a whole envelope of money.  I had to take a second glance, and in my head I was thinking ‘how did that fit in there?’.  I honestly don’t get it! 

Brooklyn, ny 021Brooklyn, ny 020Brooklyn, ny 014

Another thing about our Brooklyn experience EVERYONE knows Jay.  We had a constant flow of traffic coming through of people who used to go to school with him, who babysat in the same building that he lived in, that used to work with him way back when, even his ‘third cousin Monica’ said “waz up?”. 

Let me tell you about the day of all days.  It shall forever be known as “The Day We Couldn’t Leave Brooklyn“.  Everything starts out very normal that day.  We were going to head into the city via NJ transit and catch a cab into Brooklyn to get the truck all wrapped up and drive it back out to Jersey.  The bus ride went smoothly.  As soon as we got into a cab at the Port Authority the cab driver said, “It’s my first day“. Not a good sign.

First we got stuck in some crazy traffic on 34th street. The cab driver was fiddling with his GPS unit, in the end, we ended up programming it for him.  But you really can’t rely on a GPS in the city – no satellite reception.  So, just when I think we’re heading in the right direction, our cab driver gets yelled at by a pedestrian who tells him to get out of the bus lane so they can get on their bus.  So flustered was the cab driver, that he ends up almost squishing another cab driver in between his cab and the other.  The GPS finally starts working, but the driver doesn’t listen to it, and we miss our turn onto the Brooklyn bridge.  Once we get over to Brooklyn we point out the big black truck on the left corner.  That is our destination.  Turn left here.  He turns RIGHT.  OK, this isn’t going well. Finally Nathan says, ‘just stop the car.  pull over right here!”  The cab driver was surprised when he didn’t get a tip. 

We take care of the truck easily, and we’re off.  Only to get stopped 5 minutes into our journey because the Interstate is blocked off due to a Tri-Boro Bike Race.  So we get redirected in the other direction, take the first exit, and end up in the middle of CRAZY traffic.  People were actually trying to put their cars in reverse and back down the on-ramp. 

Just when we thought we were on the right track – the Interstate was blocked off in this direction as well and we were getting dumped right back where we started.  But this time we couldn’t take the turn as easily, and there might have been some strong words with the police and illegal cone touching.  Anyway, we ended up lost in the tiny streets of Brooklyn until we get into this narrow construction zone on our way to the Interstate (for the third time).  I look up and there’s an underpass…. 12′ ~ .  Twelve foot squiggle??  We’re 13’ 6″, this isn’t going to work.  For whatever reason the underpass wasn’t marked right, just as we go under I hear a ‘crunch, crunch, crunch’. 

Turns out a little Toyota turned her wheels to get into our lane and our tires bumped.  She knocked off 3 decorative caps off our tires, and she gets to be the lucky person that gets hit by an 18 wheel tractor trailer with no damage! 

After 4 1/2 hours, we finally make it out of Brooklyn and back to our hotel.  We drove a total of 41 miles.

“Hello Brooklyn”

29 04 2009

It has been almost one month since we first landed in New York City. 

Who knew that we would live the life of regular New York locals – living in Jersey and taking the Lincoln Tunnel commute every morning. 

Who knew that we would become familiar faces on the streets of Brookyln, get preferential treatment at a local bagel shop, and recognize people around the city. 

It’s been a fairly uneventful stay so far, but it has had its moments. 

1)  Nathan and I are becoming Street Fighter Champions (during those slow periods at the pop shop, what else is there to do but to play Street Fighter on the X Box, although the customers are now taking turns beating me at the game)

2) One rainy weekday morning we had a surprise celebrity visiter.  Ed Lover came to visit and get some free clothes.  Now, personally I really had no idea who he was, but Nathan recognized him as the infamous Ed Lover from MTV Raps, previously of the Ed Lover and Dr. Dre combination.  He’s now a big radio personality

3) We were invited out to dinner at Wolfgang’s, a very good steak restaurant inTribeca, during the Tribeca film festival

4)  We’ve booked an all-inclusive vacation for 9 days in….you guessed it – MEXICO.  We’ll see what we end up doing with that or if we change our destination.  You can’t go anywhere now without someone talking about Swine Flu.

5)  We’ve become experts in the retail industry.  I now know how to ‘paperfold’ shirts and have learned all the merchandising tricks of the trade.  Nathan has been doing his part by specializing in the exclusive ladies line and talking about the ‘extra bling on the shirts’ and the ‘colours that pop’. 

All in all, it’s been an interesting time in Brooklyn.  Sorry for the lack of photos, but there really isn’t much to see in the middle of the Brooklyn hood, at what used to be an empty construction lot.

One last hightlight – we ended up in a place called Teaneck, NJ in search of a Dairy Queen for their Midnight Truffle blizzard.  The place was an old-fashioned barn style building with line ups down the streets – who knew Dairy Queens were such a big deal?

Jay, B & Me

10 04 2009


I start off with this photo because this, my friend, is the money shot.  Let me set the scene for you:

New York City….


Pouring Rain….

The Meat Packing District…

Amid all of these narrow one-way streets and decorative marshmallow shaped boulders, rolls a big black 18 wheel tractor trailer.  Little would anyone think that no more than 12 hours later, the streets would be packed with paparazzi (well, let’s say 10 paparazzi), the RW pop shop would be filled with the new summer men’s and women’s line and Jay would be hanging out playing x box with me (and when I say with me, I actually mean I helped set the system up, chatted with him for a couple of minutes and then got the hell out of the way, because who are we kidding – I don’t know how to play x-box!). 







So everything went extremely well with the event.  The Meat Packing District would exactly be the target market, BUT we definitely made an impact on all of the european tourists that were around. 

Two days later the streets really were flooded with paparazzi.  (note the limited edition bag that was made specifically for the pop shop)



































Now… if only we had been there to see the craziness that their lunchtime visit caused…