Wait….Am I Boring?

10 12 2012

Sometimes it takes a question as simple as ‘what’s new with you?’ to make you jump up and realize that things need to change.  Or sometimes to make you realize that things have changed.

Someone asked me that simple question a couple weeks ago, ‘what’s new with you?’ and I realized that for the first time in a long time, I had nothing to report.  After four years of a life that was constantly in motion, where I was in a constant stage of waiting for the next leg of the trip, with no need to make plans because something would always come up, and inevitably, any plans that I did make would have to be cancelled, the fact that I had nothing exciting to report, nor did I have any immediate plans, kind of threw me.

At first I rushed into immediate plans.  I headed to the city to get lost in the hustle and bustle of downtown Seattle, trying to wake myself up from the West Seattle haze I had found myself in.  Don’t get me wrong, I love West Seattle, but not a ton of excitement minus the orca whale sightings.  I scoured the event listings and bought tickets for the Seattle Symphony, the holiday show at the 5th Avenue Theater, and found myself at the Showbox at the Market on a Monday night seeing ‘Walk Off the Earth’ live (who would have thought that youtube video we watched a year ago would come back around like this?). 

Showbox at the Market (Seattle, WA)

Showbox at the Market (Seattle, WA)

Walk Off the Earth "Somebody I Used to Know"

Walk Off the Earth “Somebody I Used to Know”


Summer Jammin’

After that initial panic that I was wasting away my days, I realized that not being on the road and traveling constantly was actually a good thing.   It’s true that in the past few years I never had to make any plans for adventure because there was no way I could avoid a last minute trip to NYC, a weekend in Chicago, an opportunity to see Martha’s Vineyard, have access to concerts, or have the opportunity to sing ‘on the road again’ again and again as we drove straight across the country for the 5th time that year.  But for the past few years I never made plans.  It seemed like I could never make a dr’s appointment, much less attend a neighbour’s holiday party or BBQ.  I sounded like a recording stuck on repeat, ‘who knows where I’ll be.  I’ll let you know, but probably won’t be able to make it’.  And it’s a little hard to make new friends when you can never commit to spending time with them.

It hit me suddenly that now I have the freedom to MAKE PLANS.  To commit to a schedule.  What??  The value of having the freedom to commit to a schedule?  Who would have thought that that was important?  Well, I have now thrown myself into ‘planning’ wholeheartedly.  A girl’s night, a weekly grocery shopping trip, a holiday ornament exchange, hosting a Christmas Cocktail Party, attending a friend’s holiday party – all things that I can say have happened in the last week, or will be happening in the week to come.

So, what at first seemed like a horrible realization that the excitement in my life was dependent on the twists and turns of work (which means I’m actually a very boring person), has now turned into the fantastic realization that I’m in control of my own adventures (and that I’m not actually a boring person by nature), and part of that adventure is this new opportunity to put down some roots!


A True Seattle Weekend

27 11 2012

I’m not going to say that I embraced American Thanksgiving full steam ahead…….but there did seem to be a lot of turkey, pumpkin flavoured things (Caramel Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie from Sunset Magazine) and more football than I thought I would ever see.  There was way too much food over a four day period, drinks-a-flowing, a mean game of Jenga and Taboo, and plenty of friends to enjoy it with.

But what made this holiday weekend memorable were the True Seattle activities.

I don’t know who isn’t excited for wildlife sightings,  but in West Seattle, besides Orca Whale sightings (which we did not see, although they did visit this weekend) the next best thing to see is a seal pup resting on the shore.   And this little guy was giving Nathan ‘goo goo’ eyes.

West Seattle Seal Pup

We got to enjoy a private tour of Safeco Field, home of the Seattle Mariners on Saturday.  From the very top of the stadium with rooftop views of the city and waterscapes, to walking on the field and hanging out in the home team dug out, and everything in between.

Safeco Field


On the Field. In the Dugout.

To end a weekend where the rained stopped and the sunshine came out to play.  We spent the evening at the Seattle Symphony for a performance by Brandi Carlile with the Symphony at Benaroya Hall.  Amazing Performance.  Amazing Acoustics.  

And what Monday morning is complete without a little bit of a Squid Fishing expedition?  More of a spectator this time, but just wait until next time!

Squid Fishing ‘Catch’

I’m starting to feel like a true Seattlite!



No Heads to Move

5 01 2012

You tend to know when something truly unique is happening to you.  It’s usually when everything is a little bit too overwhelming, when you’re experiencing sensory overload and when all you can really do is make a complete 360 turn and look around in awe.

It happened when I was surrounded by 600 hot air balloons taking off and it happened on December 16th.

Dec. 16th at the Tacomadome

When was the last time you didn’t have to sway back and forth like a metronome trying to see a concert between the heads of the people in front of you?  I don’t think I will ever experience another concert where my 5′ 2 1/2″ stature will have a complete unobstructed view of the stage.  And I LOVED it!  It was like a private concert and you forget that there’s close to 20,000 people behind you.  And…you get to see something you would never know was happening…the cameramen taking a break and chilling by the stage with a little portable espresso maker and some dark chocolate.  Pretty cool…

Walk First. Dance Second

27 10 2010

So I continued my tour of teeny-bopper shows this year:  Glee, American Idol and now….So You Think You Can Dance (but this time I brought Nathan).  You’d think I’d be over the screaming teenage fans and the funny signs like this one.

No, I did not make it.

But the person who did was sitting behind us.  And the screaming girls with the homemade fan t-shirts were sitting in front of us. So, as you can imagine we were right in the thick of everything.  But you’d be surprised that it wasn’t all teenage girls.  There were a lot of older couples and some of the first people to give standing ovations were the older men!

Contemporary.  Jazz.  Banghra.  Hip Hop.  BBoy & Krunk.  All different dance routines for 2 1/2 hours.  It was great.  But as all of these routines were taking place 45 feet from my seat I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the physical fitness of all of these dancers – ridiculously strong legs, flexed back muscles, 6-pack abs.  I even looked at their feet!  And if you know me, you know I hate feet.  I couldn’t help thinking to  myself, and a few times saying out loud, ‘they are so fit’.  And then I may have sighed.

And as I watched all of these amazing dancers, I couldn’t help but remember what happened before the show, which would be me, falling down the stairs as I was heading to my seat.  I heard the collective, “oohhh” when I fell, and I scraped my new shoes!  No one asked but I told everyone, ‘I think I’m ok’. So…I think I can dance (free style not choreography) but perhaps I better work on my walking…


2 07 2010

Dave Matthews Band performed at the DTE Center in Clarkston, MI and we made sure to go visit our new friends.  It was a sold out show and the traffic line up to get in the outdoor venue was crazy!!!  So our All Access passes came in handy!

We had a wonderful opportunity to have freedom at the venue and see the concert from all angles.  We had an overall view from the top railing, we got up close and stood in the front row, just in front of the stage security, we went to the hospitality area behind stage to chat with the people behind all of the magic, and we watched the encore from stage right.

And to be even more obnoxious, when you watch the video you’ll see that the flip video couldn’t handle how close we were to the action.

And just before we left the venue, guess who walked by and said hello?  Brett Michaels.  He came to watch the show from backstage since he was performing at the venue the following day.

Bonnaroo Buzz

20 06 2010

When we landed at Bonnaroo, I thought, ‘this is very similar to Vancouver Folk Festival – I know what to expect.  It’s just bigger’.  Well, this experience was nothing like my experience at Folk Fest.  Not because it didn’t have a lot of different stages with an eclectic mix of music.  And not because it didn’t have thousands of people flocking together, where bathing suit tops, sarongs and flip flops were the dress code.  And definitely not because it didn’t have a delicious assortment of vender food and a huge assortment of jewelry, clothes and other arts and crafts to be sold.

It was so different because we were ensconced in the artists area, away from the masses.  And here, we were able to meet the people who put the whole festival together and see how things really work.  Here we met the sponsors, the hospitality crew, the bartenders, the volunteers, the production and camera crew, artist management, etc.  Really, we met all of the important people.

And what we realized was that everyone takes care of each other and here is where you get opportunities to see things and experience things you never thought that you would.

Years ago, at my very first Vancouver Folk Fest I watched Michael Franti & the Spearheads perform a long ways back from the stage.  And it was one of my favourite Folk Fest memories.  At Bonnaroo, I had the opportunity to watch the performance from stage left.

Jay-Z always puts on a good show.  But standing on an elevated stage left platform beside Stefan (from the Dave Matthews Band), a few feet away from Stevie Wonder, and across the stage from Beyonce, looking out at a sea of people as far as I could see, made a HUGE difference.  It took me a while to come down from that Bonnaroo Buzz.

Watching the Zac Brown Band perform on the elevated stage left platform also gave me the opportunity to notice that one of the guys just so happened to be wearing a Rocawear t-shirt and button up woven.  Guess our gifting worked!

And we just had to stay to see the Bonnaroo Finale – Dave Matthews Band performance.

Nothing in life is free

20 06 2010

Our role at Bonnaroo was to provide a cool lounge for artists to hang out in.  “Cool” not only because we had custom couches, flat screen tv’s and DJ Hero, but also because we kept the lounge at a “cool” 70 degrees with our handy dandy air conditioning units.  And, when outside is almost 100 degrees with high humidity, 70 degrees is a breath of fresh air.

We also welcomed all of the artists that performed at Bonnaroo to come in for a gifting opportunity for some free swag, which came in handy when people were looking for something new to wear onstage, OR something dry to wear after they finished performing.

But, as you know, there’s no such thing as “FREE”.  Our price:  autographing 2 t-shirts (one to be donated to Bonnaroo and auctioned off for charity and the other for the Rocawear office) and taking a photograph.  Not too steep of a price for a free outfit.

Needless to say, everyone loves free gifts and we had a chance to meet some very cool people.  As you can see from the shirts above, many many many people stopped by.  Comedians Jeffrey Ross and Andy Richter stopped by, as did some of the guys from Dave Matthews Band, Trombone Shorty (you may have seen him on HBO’s Treme) and Big Sam of Big Sam’s Funky Nation.