Chillin’ (aka freezing our butts off) in the Windy City

11 12 2009

With temperatures dropping below zero (farenheit) and with a windchill of – 25 degrees, it’s a little bit hard to explore a new city, but explore we must! 

This is my first time in downtown Chicago and so far, despite its self-professed dangerously cold weather, it’s a pretty cool city. 

This is what I have learned about the city so far:

  •  The Gold Coast district is the premiere clubbing district
  • Chicago does not allow Food Street Vendors (instead forcing all business to its restaurants)
  • Rumour has it that Chicago has some of the best museums (although I haven’t made it out to one yet)
  • People actually go winter surfing and when the wind blows with 50 mph gusts, they grab their surfboards and head to the lake (I met someone who actually does this!)
  • Chicago Style Deep Dish stuffed pizza, although decadent and about 3 pounds of cheese, is not for me – I didn’t know what I was getting myself into
  • Kendall Jackson Chardonnay goes down just as smoothly in Chicago as it does in NYC or Lake Havasu City, AZ

And what brings me to Chicago?  Here’s a picture from the photoshoot that we had with the winner of Bravo TV’s Top Chef Masters, Rick Bayless. 

On a side note: 

Let me just say that while I’ve been here I had a moment of amazement at mother nature.  It started snowing, and it was so cold that the snow flakes were keeping their perfect ‘snowflake’ shape.   I saw this perfect snowflake that landed on the counter and I honestly couldn’t tear my eyes away.  Then, when I was standing in the snow and the snowflakes were landing on my coat…..I kept poking Nathan and saying ‘look at this one, look how perfect this one is!  Look how tiny this one is – and still looks like a perfect snowflake‘.  It is crazy that mother nature can make something so intricate and delicate!