Bouncing Around the Bonneville Salt Flats

3 08 2012

Bonneville Salt Flats

After almost four years of being ‘on the road’, I finally made it to the Bonneville Salt Flats (while it was light out at least, because I’ve been through at least once during the dark and that’s no fun…because you can’t see things like…)

Random Sculpture on the Salt Flats

It was everything that you would think a salt flat should be.  It was almost blindingly white, reflecting the bright sun.  It was flat and it was impressive how far you could see across the salty plain.  The salt crunched under your feet and you could see the raised areas where the ground was cracking and being pushed up.  When I reached down to pick up some of the larger pieces of salt it looked like crystal quartz in my hand.  The heat reflected off the white surface and you could see heat waves emanating off the ground and see shimmering mirages of pools of water.


As Flat as Flat can Be

What I wasn’t expecting, but shouldn’t have been surprised about, was that I could feel the moisture in my skin and my mouth start to dry up as soon as we walked out onto the flats.   I was drying up like a raisin and every time I licked my lips I tasted salt.

Bright White Salt Flats

And what I really wasn’t expecting was that I finally got some proof of my amazing jumping skills!  Every time it came to high jumping exercises during the Insanity workouts, I swear I was jumping higher than some of those people in the video.  I kept telling people of my amazing vert, but they were all skeptics.  And since I don’t let anyone in the room during my Insanity workouts to witness the running, jumping, push ups, and general all around ‘kick your butt and sweat like you’ve never sweat before’ work out, there have been no witnesses of my amazing jumping ability.  Until now!



Rightfully so, Nathan can jump too.

Jumping Side by Side