“I will not let my kids define my life”

22 01 2019

…Said one of my friends as she slathered on sunscreen onto her 2.5 year old with one eye on her sleeping 3 month old.  This statement occurred as we were taking in a day at the pool in Vancouver, BC and in three short months she was about to take a month long trip to Japan and Hong Kong with her husband and then almost 3 year old and 6 month old boys.

I was amazed and impressed that she had the guts to take on such an ambitious undertaking, and I am even more impressed now that the trip is actually done and she and her husband lived to tell the tale!  Also, I now have just over two year old girls and can’t imagine traveling overseas with them (yet...hopefully).

I am remembering this statement from my friend because it also reminds me of something that I thought to myself and said to Nathan a couple of months ago.  I decided to bring out all of our annual photo books that depicted our travels since 2008 to show the girls.  The girls liked pointing out pictures of ‘mama’ and ‘dad’ but could care less about the pictures of scenery, food, landmarks and other beautiful and special moments Nathan and I have seen and shared over our 10 year history.

Seeing those photos and everything that we have done in the past made me think, ‘I don’t want to say we did all of these fun and exciting things….and then we had kids….‘.

So, although I have had some blurbs of text saved on my phone about things we’ve done over the past year, it’s time to record and celebrate the adventures that we’ve achieved as a foursome and not let them pass by without capturing the memories (because like it or not…’mom-brain’ is a real thing)! No, we haven’t gone kayaking in New Zealand or sailing in Greece or even road tripping to the Grand Tetons….but….we have done stuff – enough to know that Brooklyn gets car sick and Lucy only likes ‘swimming’ if it’s warm water and there are people to wave at…and we LOVE Mickey Mouse, unless he is right beside us, and in that case, we are terrified.

So…stay tuned…as I hope to get back to writing and sharing all of our adventures (different as they may be), and maybe one day I will be writing about our crazy overseas adventures…maybe…mmmm…(deep breath)….maybe.





One response

22 01 2019
Cathy Bowe

So excited that you will be sharing stories, pictures and the memories you are making with your adorable girls.

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