With Views Like These…

28 01 2016

Nathan told me Greece or New Zealand.

Who would have thought that within 6 months, he would get to check both of these destinations off of his list.

And so, off we go to New Zealand.  And after a couple of months of planning and mapping and researching and googling, I put together an itinerary that I was pretty happy with.  That is, until we got to 2 days away from our trip, and I started doing more research, and as much reasoning as I had for staying 1 night here, and 2 nights there, stopping at this place instead of that place and visiting here and driving past there and doing this instead of that….well, all of a sudden, there are SO MANY THINGS I WANT TO DO that are not on our itinerary.  I guess that means that this is NOT a Once in a Lifetime Trip.  Because we are going to have to go back and do a whole bunch of other things some day.

But for now, I am perfectly content to spend some time in New Zealand, when I can enjoy views like these…and all within 8 hours of landing in the country…


Lion Rock at Piha Beach


Rolling Hills north of Auckland


Mission Bay Beach


Auckland Skyline




3 responses

28 01 2016

oh that’s Great !! Beautiful work…

29 01 2016
Greg Wilson

All these pictures are great, but I especially love the first one! Looking forward to many more!

2 02 2016

Thanks Greg!

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