Greece It Is!

19 08 2015

It took me a little while, but I finally convinced Nathan that it was time to extend our travel outside of the US and Canada.  Don’t get me wrong, I love visiting Santa Fe, Vancouver, San Diego, NYC, Arizona, Hawaii! and there are still 9 states I have left to visit, but after 6 years, it’s time to spread our wings!

So it was Greece or New Zealand.  Those were the options I was given.  And since our travel plans were going to be in July, and New Zealand is in the midst of its winter – GREECE IT IS!

After months of reading travel sites and looking at maps, reading ‘top 10 things to do’ and ‘top things to eat’ lists, researching admission prices, operating hours, and loading up on euros after checking on the financial situation in Greece, we were finally ready for our trip.  Well, I can’t say that we were ready exactly, but it was time to go!

After a 15 hour travel day/night, we touched down around 10AM in Athens; a little bleary-eyed, a little frizzy-haired and just a little bit excited to be in Greece!

We stayed at the Electra Palace Hotel in the Plaka, the oldest neighborhood in Athens, and it proved to be a fantastic home base for our adventures the next few days.  Armed with a map, 2 cameras and the anticipation of a new city to discover, we headed out to explore….that is, after a much-needed 3 hour nap.

Photo 6

One of the most popular modes of transportation…especially for date night!

Photo 2

Was not expecting Athens to have so much graffiti

Photo 7

Streets of the Plaka with a view of Hadrian’s Arch





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