Off to the Islands….

22 07 2015

San Juans.  That is.

Much to the surprise of many of our Seattleite-friends, I have never visited the San Juan Islands.  It’s almost the equivalent of telling the locals that you’ve never been to Alaska – what???  You wouldn’t think that not seeing Alaska was out of the ordinary, but it appears that Alaska is a pretty common trip out here.  And that too, is a place I have yet to visit.

For this maiden voyage to the San Juan Islands we decided to make it a family affair.  With the 5 of us stuffed into the FJ we started our journey on a grey, drizzly Saturday – typically common for the Pacific NorthWest but after the summer we’ve been having it was not the type of weather I wanted or was expecting for my little family vacation.  But we eased our way to Anacortes, WA – 1.5 hours north of Seattle and our first stop on our 4 day adventure.

After enjoying lunch at Gere-a-Deli‘s in downtown historic Anacortes, with giant portions of traditional deli sandwiches and fluffy slabs of cheesecake and tasty spiced oat cake, we eased our way to Mount Erie.  Luckily for us there was a road up to the summit because after the lunch that we had, we were in no shape for a hike, or perhaps because of our shape, maybe we should have hiked….

At an elevation of 1300 feet, the summit at Mt. Erie is the highest point of Fidalgo Island and offers views of the San Juan Islands.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 5

Photo 6

Great opportunity for photos with the best view points near the antennas.  And if the scenic overlook isn’t good enough, you can always climb a tree like Nathan to get your shot.

Photo 3

Apparently this is a destination spot for rock climbers as well and hikers and view-gawkers are warned not to drop anything over the viewpoints.

Photo 4

Day 1 of Family Vacation: San Juan Islands edition.  Unexpected Viewpoints.  Check.




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