Scenic Roadtrip VS Get there as fast as possible

14 01 2014

We decided to celebrate the holidays by heading back to the road.  Early mornings, road trip playlists, scenic overlooks and hundreds and hundreds of miles under our belts.

But, I think we may have gotten confused with the purpose of our trip.  It’s like when people tell you that there’s a difference between traveling and vacationing.  Yes – BIG difference.  Our intention was to head out on this scenic byway road trip heading south and driving the seaside roads along the Oregon Coast, through the Red Wood Forest and along highway 101 and Highway 1 along the coastal cliffs in California.  But, we found ourselves falling into old habits – early mornings, needing to make time on the road and with almost no time to stop and eat.

I had big plans on all the scenery we could take in – Oregon sand dunes, the sea stacks in Bandon, OR (plus enjoying a crab or two dipped in melted drawn butter….), taking in the impressive sight of the ancient Red Woods and leisurely days enjoying good food along the coast.

Well, the weather wasn’t the most cooperative and we started our road trip in snow and as we drove further and further south, the clouds never seemed to lift and we took in rain, fog and grey dreary sights.  And, although we did decide that maybe a summer trip along the Oregon Coast to actually enjoy the coastal sights would be a better idea, we did take in views of the Umpqua River Lighthouse and I did enjoy a half a crab in that tasty tasty butter in Winchester Bay, OR.


Umpqua River Lighthouse


Home of Delicious Fresh Crab!

As I mentioned before, our road trip goals got confused and we made dinner plans in San Francisco our second day on the road which put us in a mad dash down the coast.  Waking up in Grants Pass, OR (close to the OR/CA border) meant that we were waking up at 4:30am to head out for the day and had 10 hours to drive 400 miles, sightsee and drive one of the windiest roads down the coast.  And those glorious Red Wood forest views – well, we found ourselves parked on the side of the road in the middle of the forest waiting for the sun to rise.

Our patience wore out pretty quick so we ended up in Crescent City, CA for sunrise to take in a few misty morning photos.  But don’t worry – we found those trees that you can drive through!


Misty Sunrise in Crescent City, CA


Marine Layers


Moonrise Morning







And we found TWO trees to drive through!


After our detour in Leggett, CA to drive through our second tree, we took to highway 1, the windy windy road through the forest – up and down, side to side – it definitely gave our brakes a work out.

And finally, finally, we broke through the trees to be rewarded with sunshine, blue skies, and crashing waves along the cliffs of the California Coast.  It’s everything you would picture it to be if it was your first time to the CA Pacific Coast.




It may look like nothing, but it’s a migrating grey whale. Frustratingly our camera was acting up, but you can see a little breach and a mist of water in its tracks.



It took us 15 hours, but we finally left the grey of the Pacific Northwest to find ourselves in sunny California.  And it was wonderful!





3 responses

14 01 2014
Lissa Rabon

Wow those are some great shots and very representative of the region that you traveled through. Good job really enjoyed reading this


15 01 2014

Thanks! It was a fun trip – definitely more to come back to along the Oregon Coast.

15 01 2014

Great photos 🙂

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