Exploring Olympic National Park

19 08 2013

It’s taken getting a car with all-wheel drive for me to realize how many places there are to explore in Washington.  Crazy how many off-road and hiking trails, swimming holes and waterfalls there are in such close proximity to Seattle.

We headed out towards Olympic National Park for some adventures.  And where I would have previously looked suspiciously down a dirt road and decided, nope, we are definitely not heading that way….this time – Full Steam Ahead!



It was our first true off-road adventure, and I would say that we weren’t the most prepared on the road.  Yes we had snacks and water.  But a map?  Nope.  We were armed with maps on two phones that did not have cell service.  So my intention was to be on the Bon Jon Pass, but it turns out we were heading towards the Trailhead to Little Quilcene Trail.  Whoops.  But at least we enjoyed some great views and saw all these dainty little pink rhododendron bushes growing amongst the rugged landscape.




Next Stop:  Mount Walker

A place that we couldn’t get lost even if we tried.  One way up.  One way down.  Only mountain summit in Washington that you can drive to.  Great views of Mount Rainier, Blake Island, West Seattle, Downtown Seattle and all of the surrounding water and mountain landscape.



And to top off the day, a little secret, unmarked waterfall that we heard about along the way.   A walk down a short trail, a climb over some rocks and then you’re sitting on rocks right under the waterfall’s spray.  A little swimming hole and this is the perfect salvation on a hot summer day.





3 responses

20 08 2013
Deb Platt

Wow, that waterfall is beautiful! Loved all the photos. If I lived a little closer, I’d love to explore that area.

I spend enough weekends out in the country that I’m all too familiar with losing map service via my cellphone. I finally ended up getting a dedicated GPS device, so being out of range of a cell tower is no longer e a problem. My GPS device came with a built-in AAA guide which is also nice when I’m in an unfamiliar place in the hinterlands, and I’d just like to know where’s the nearest gas station or restaurant.

24 08 2013
Ciara Delaney

Once again, beautiful photos.

25 08 2013
Lissa Rabon

Fabulous waterfall! Nice!

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