To: New Experiences in the City

19 04 2013

We had a short opportunity to explore the city and it seemed like the theme of this visit was…..Brooklyn.

We went for dinner at Talde, a restaurant in Brooklyn that is run by Top Chef winner Dale Talde and ate a delicious meal of Korean Fried Chicken, sweet hawaiian bun sliders with pork, fish and portabella mushrooms, pretzel pork and chive dumplings, crispy oyster and bacon pad thai, banana leaf sticky rice and a whole roasted branzino.  The meal was delicious and of course we couldn’t leave without dessert.  Their specialties of the night:  an award winning salted chocolate cookie crumb square, which was given the seal of approval from Cookie Monster, himself, and a Talde take on the Filipino dessert – Halo Halo.  Nothing could prepare you for this dessert, and sadly I don’t have a photo, but when I describe it, I think you’ll get the idea.  Shaved ice with evaporated milk.  Coconut pieces, fresh grapefruit and mango slices.  Tapioca squares and Captain Crunch.  What???  Yes.  Captain Crunch.  Everything mixed together in one big bowl.  At one point Nathan asked if there was a piece of fish in his dessert, it turned out to be the mango, but we wouldn’t have been surprised if there was.  It was the oddest dessert we’ve ever had (and we’ve had a lotand you couldn’t even get used to it because every single bite was a surprise.

Saturday, aside from making an early stop to Carlo’s Bake Shop, we took advantage of the sunshine and headed into the city. We headed in with the intention of heading to the oyster bar at Grand Central Terminal, but in a snap decision we ended up heading towards Battery Park (an area of town we haven’t explored in the 4 years we’ve been going to New York).



Statue of Liberty (view from Battery Park)



In an effort to do something a little bit different during this trip we walked through the Financial District, strolled down Wall Street, saw the infamous bull, and Nathan visited his money at the New York Stock Exchange (apparently it didn’t recognize him).  And then we had a couple hours to kill ….so, decided to tackle the Brooklyn Bridge.


My intention was to make the trek across to visit Jacques Torres for a cup of rich, creamy hot chocolate….but we stopped at the halfway point before realizing that we had to be on our way to Wolfgang’s Steak House to enjoy the best thick sliced bacon I have ever had and an aged steak that I wish I could share with everyone.  And that’s not even counting the chocolate mousse cake with homemade schlag…….yum!

And after a glass or two, or three, or four of wine, the tastiest steak I’ve had the pleasure of eating, and the sweet chocolate mousse cake and key lime pie for dessert, it was time to say good bye to Tribeca and head out of the city.


NYC after a Great Night!




2 responses

21 04 2013

I love halo-halo! It’s very popular here in the Philippines especially during summer! The one you had, I must say, has a different set of ingredients (except for the shaved ice and milk). Nevertheless, I’m sure it’s yummy still! 🙂

21 04 2013

It was definitely a different experience, but oddly addicting! I could see how it would be a good summer treat.

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