This Screams Tourist

18 04 2013



Sometimes you just have to be a tourist.  And on an early Saturday morning, that was one of those days.  Kick yourself out of bed and stumble on over to Hoboken, NJ to already see a line up forming in front of Carlo’s Bake Shop (from the reality show Cake Boss).  Here we thought the early bird would get the cannoli, but alas, so did the tour bus that was heading back to Ohio.   I would hate to see the sugar high and the inevitable crash that will follow for all those people on the bus, considering the huge boxes of pastries they were carting out of the bakery.


An hour later we made it out, unscathed, with boxes filled with pastries that were heavy with cream filling.  Chocolate cannolis, a lobster tail, a hazelnut cream puff and a California Fruit cheesecake.  Delicious!







5 responses

18 04 2013

What a FUN Experience and one you get to taste and eat too!!! So jealous! Happy Thursday:)

18 04 2013

That looks amazing!!! I love Cake Boss and I would love to go visit and eat a lobster tail!

19 04 2013
To: New Experiences in the City | Adventures On the Road

[…] aside from making an early stop to Carlo’s Bake Shop, we took advantage of the sunshine and headed into the city. We headed in with the intention of […]

24 04 2013

The desserts look wonderful, but ohhhh the pounds.

28 04 2013
Ciara Delaney

Ooooh this looks so tasty!

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