A Confession

17 02 2013

I think that it might be time to admit to a problem.  At first I thought it was just a natural interest, maybe an infatuation, but I think it might actually be an obsession.  I think I’m a Seal Pup Stalker!

West Seattle does a great job at protecting the seal pups that find their way to the beaches to rest and catch some sun for a while.  They post signs, set up caution tape perimeters and have a ‘Seal Sitter’ keeping a watchful eye out for the pups.  It’s taken me a whole year to finally see these pups.  At first I would always see the caution tape, but when I peeked past the perimeter on my tip toes, I would never see anything.  Either the perimeter was too good, or the seal pup had already gone back into the water.

I have finally FINALLY found them.  First, it was just one seal pup, from behind, so really it just looked like a grey blob on grey beach rocks, but I still count it.  Now, I’ve actually found their hang out!


Six Seal Pups, hanging out on an old decaying dock.  They found their way during high tide and decided it was the perfect place to snooze for the day.   This was the best energy boost pick me up, since I first discovered the Pixar blue bird video.  I clapped at the seal pups and they looked right at me.  Well, most of them were sleeping but there were two that were all cuddled up together and one in particular that seemed ready to put on a show.



So I clapped at them….for them…..spent a little bit too long watching them from what I have named the ‘Seal Look Out’.  And eventually I was dragged away.


But I’ve gone back.  Although I did check out the Seal Sitters blog to find out that seal pups have very good hearing.  And to clap at them, is essentially harassing them.  So now, I watch them quietly, most of the time.  Although sometimes I can’t help it and I chirp and coo at them as if I was trying to get a cat’s attention (what do you expect from a person who grew up with cats?).  I still feel a little guilty and look around for witnesses.  

Since my six seal pup day, I haven’t had the same luck.  Sometimes there’s one or two there, or I almost miss them because they blend in with the dock, sometimes they aren’t there at all.  But, it’s addicting, to know that they could there means that I just have to check, just in case.  The reward of seeing these seal pups is worth the extra half a mile walk, and I can’t help but be drawn to something that has the power to make my day.  Can’t help but love these seal pups!


*  I should probably make a note.  The close up shots….zoom lens all the way out and cropped right down to nothing.  I kept my distance…




2 responses

18 02 2013

What adorable seal pups! 🙂 Good luck with your stalking!

18 02 2013

I understand what you are doing…
they are just so adorable..
look at these beautiful dark round eyes….
you can not but coo at them

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