The Power of the Written Word

19 10 2012

I’m having a weird reflective moment that I’m not quite sure how to explain.  I just read a blog post  ( that was about burning bridges; about making a decision whether or not to turn your back on someone who has been a part of your life, a part of ‘who you are’, but being torn because as much pain as you’ve felt because of that person, you’ve also felt the love – and which one is stronger?

Now, I think that that scenario and personal experience is something that everyone can relate to, in some shape or form.  But what made me react so strongly is to see how everyone else reacted so strongly.  Because if you are riding that same emotional roller coaster, or have just gotten off (or thrown off) that ride, well I think it would be hard not to feel ‘moved’ by the writing.  What was written has the ability to tug at your emotions and provoke you to respond because it strikes a chord in your memories and can dredge up some painful personal memories and experiences (and tears, probably a lot of tears).

So my odd reflective moment is seeing this all from a distance.  Yes – I have been torn in the past about whether or not to let someone go.  But, since that was long in the past (and I’m really quite happy right now), I’m impressed with the power of writing about a personal experience and all of the different ways it can be received and reflected upon and how it can provoke  such a strong response (written and emotional), depending on where the reader is in their life.

Last year I wrote a post inspired by the ‘Dear Me: A Letter to My Sixteen Year Old Self’ series.  I read some of the letters, it inspired me to write my own, and despite knowing that it was personal, I wasn’t unleashing any deep, dark secrets.  But the response was overwhelming – greatly appreciative that I shared my story, a feeling of personal connection, a solution to their own personal reflection, a lot of personal stories shared with me, and only a few negative comments about how trivial my problems were (but it still made a big enough impact to provoke a response, right?).  In my efforts to write something that was worthy of the jolt of inspiration I felt, I never imagined that it would strike a chord with so many people.  But I guess that’s my ‘aha’ moment today.  You never know who’s reading and what effect you can have on others – whether it’s deeply personal turmoil, or ‘tongue and cheek’ reflection, when you write from the heart, you have the ability to connect emotionally and sometimes, inspire.




4 responses

20 10 2012

I wholeheartedly agree. There’s always someone who has been something similar. Often my own response to reading non-fictional writing is so powerful that I feel it almost changes something in me/ moves me forward. Its definitely a different, very real kind of experience based education that can do a lot for you. Anyways, great post! I enjoy your blog.

21 10 2012

Keep on writing, Traci, you are inspirational.

21 10 2012

The pureness of the heart and the power of pen – a perfect mix to soothe our inner self…I would say I was impressed by this blog. More power!

22 10 2012

I don’t remember how I’ve reached your blog, or when… but I like the pictures; I unfortunately don’t have time to read the text :)… but I come back from time to time to see what new places you visited.
Btw, I’m from Europe, Romania

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