A Summer Day in DC (Before the 100 Degree Days)

22 07 2012

Hot, steamy, sultry air.  Great for a beach vacation.  Not so great for a weekend of walking the streets of Washington DC.  We lucked out by visiting DC on a sunny Saturday, just before the high temperatures and high humidity hit the city.

We did our best to pack in as much DC culture as we could in a day.  Political icons, historical establishments, Smithsonian Museums and some of the most photographed monuments.

The White House:

The White House: View from behind the Iron Gates

The Balcony View

The White House


Air and Space Museum:

Airplane Showcase

The Wonders of Space

American Airlines

The Freer Art Gallery:

Dancing Child

Cat Eyes

Intricate Artwork

The Washington Monument:

View through the Trees

Washington Monument Sunset

Sunset Photos

United State Capitol:

The US Capitol: View from the Reflection Pond

In the Reflection Pond

End of a jam-packed and tiring day in Washington DC.

Goodnight from Washington DC






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22 07 2012

FUn pictures to see! and like the detailed.

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