Time For Fun!

11 07 2012

After finishing up our breakfast at Kula Lodge, the finishing touch after our morning sunrise at the summit of Haleakala, we realized that it was only 9am and we had the entire day left for adventures.

On a quest to check off all of the sites and experiences in my brochures, it seemed natural to follow up our sunrise with the Road to Hana.  So what if people typically plan separate days for these excursions?  Who says you can’t jam pack them all into one?

Well, we made our way to the bamboo forest at Twin Falls, a place that apparently my brother and sister and I revolted against in a past family vacation when we refused to leave the car.  I was determined to make the trek this time around.

Bamboo Forest (possibly…?)

I don’t think anyone can resist taking photos of the gorgeous flowers in Maui

After the bamboo forest, the Twin Falls and 10 miles of the windy Road to Hana, it became clear that perhaps it’s not necessary to go down the list of ‘Must See’ sites and check them all off the list, one after another.  We don’t need to plan every moment of our vacation and we definitely didn’t need to spend hours driving from site to site (after all, we spend most of our time traveling on the road).

But we did see parrots!

Once we turned around and decided to treat ourselves to a fantastic lunch at Mama’s Fish House, we made a decision to really experience Maui.  And that meant it was time to enjoy the sun, the sand and the surf.

Mama’s Fish House

The View from the Restaurant

Mama’s Fish House Beach

Just Hanging out with the Waves

No need to plan our fun time, it was time to just HAVE FUN!

The Calm Before the ‘Fun’

Waiting for a Wave

Boogie Boarding Expert

For some reason it always looks like I’m in the shallows….I swear I ride some big waves too!

Luckily for everyone, no one was around to witness all the fun we were having on our little beach.  The waves were so aggressive they were trying to rip off all our clothes!

Goin’ Back for More




4 responses

11 07 2012

Beautiful Photos – thanks for sharing:) Enjoy Your Day!

11 07 2012
Northern Pixel Photography

Great post on our favorite island. There is an amazing bamboo forest on the Pipiwai Trail past Hana as well that is definitely worth checking out.

12 07 2012

Hmmm, I wonder if that was the bamboo forest I was supposed to make it to. Next time…

11 07 2012

Gorgeous pictures! I love how bright and blue it is.

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