‘We’re Having FISH Tonight!’

2 07 2012

Mahi Mahi to be specific….

Fresh Mahi Mahi

I should back up a bit.  For our second day in Maui we decided that our trip wouldn’t be complete without a catamaran ride to Molokini for a couple hours of trying to ‘be one’ with the tropical fish, which may or may not include trying to join a school of fish and trying to chase down an octopus.  So, snorkeling.

View of Haleakala

We boarded a catamaran from the beach and took off for a 4 hour trip with 50 other fish wannabees.   I don’t know how it happens, but we always end up at the helm and for the majority of the trip out to the island, we were manning the boat.  There were a couple of surprising looks close to the end of the trip when people started to take a second look and wonder if we were the ones that they boarded with at the beach or not, but overall, no one was alarmed, or harmed.

View from the Helm

After a couple hours of chasing needle fish, parrot fish, the racoonfish, Grouper etc, etc we made our way back to the beach.

With fishing lines trailing us, the crew took a gamble to see what they could catch.

Whoo Hoo.  We’ve got a live one.  Two lines caught at the same time, and although we lost one, we did reel in our mahi mahi.

Caught One!

We finished the day with mahi sandwiches and mai tai’s.  How appropriate.

Maui Mai Tai




3 responses

2 07 2012
Anita Mac

Mahi and Mai Tai – sounds like a perfect day! Great photos.

2 07 2012
Northern Pixel Photography

Sounds like an awesome day. I didn’t know they fished as well on those trips. I mostly snorkel the beaches, and haven’t been out to Molokini yet. Might have to check it out some day.

12 07 2012

Look at you two all blissful!!

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