Who is THE ‘El Capitan’?

24 06 2012

El Capitan Suite.

This is what Nathan renamed the ‘Presidential Suite’ at the Inn & Spa at Loretto.  And what does one do when they rename a room at a hotel?  Stumble upon the perfect addition to the suite.  And then make everyone take photos with it.

Everyone taking photos with this hat?  Means 50+ photos were taken, so we’ve narrowed down the field to the best of best.  Now, we have our favourite, but we thought perhaps we should open up the voting and see what happens……

Do you have a favourite ‘El Capitan’?

El Capitan #1:

The ‘Ladies Man’

El Capitan #2:

The ‘Thinker’

El Capitan #3

The ‘Flirt’

El Capitan #4

The ‘Party Girl’

El Capitan #5

The ‘Jack Nicholson’

El Capitan #6

The ‘Tip of the Hat’

El Capitan #7

The ‘Gangsta’

El Capitan #8

The ‘Stoic’

El Capitan #9

The ‘Drunkard’

El Capitan #10

The ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’




13 responses

24 06 2012

I am liking the “Drunkard”. a true definition of ‘El Capitan’

25 06 2012

I don’t want to tip any votes…..but one of my favourites too Sharon!

25 06 2012
Brianna aka The Flirt

Despite my vested interest, I vote for the Stoic! Jack Nicholson is a very close second.

26 06 2012

Love it!

26 06 2012

Party Girl Rocks!

26 06 2012

Are you trying to earn brownie points Bob?

26 06 2012

Didn’t know who it was until after I commented…..I have only met her once before….

26 06 2012

…I like the “Tip of the Hat”. Simple, yet effective. Haha

26 06 2012

Stacking the votes!

26 06 2012
Deb Platt

“Tip of the Hat” gets my vote.

28 06 2012
Varney Nancy

I hate to say it but The Stoic (aka, John D) looks the part. Scary!

29 06 2012

OMG!! These are so good!!

2 07 2012

I vote “the Gangsta” Love it! haha

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