The Greatness of Storytellers

9 04 2012

I love telling stories through photos.  And I love seeing stories through photos.  There is something so attractive about trying to retell a story, or an experience, through your own eyes, to someone else.  Photos have the opportunity to take your breath away.  To make you want to click the photo and see it larger, to zoom in and look at each of the individual details.  Photos create a physical yearning – that feeling that makes you wish you were there, wish you could experience what you’re looking at and wish that you could capture a moment like that.  When you see an amazing photo, you just know, that you are looking at an amazing photo.   And then you feel a sense of appreciation, followed by intense envy.

But as enjoyable as it is to tell a story through photos, there is just something so rewarding about being able to express yourself in words in a way that makes sense to others, and in a way that inspires a connection.

When you can read someone else’s words as easy as if you were the one who wrote them, that’s when you know that you’ve found a voice that speaks to you.  In a time where we communicate in abbreviations and symbols, it is so great to be able to find blog writers that can share even the most mundane of stories, and turn it into a witty and entertaining piece.

And when you find a book you love, that’s the greatest thing of all.  I almost feel sorry for the people that will read books only once, despite how much they enjoyed the experience.  Because, when I read a book, I fall in love with the way I feel when I’m reading that book.  It could be the sense of urgency and intrigue and nervousness that I felt.  Or it could be a warm appreciation of the way a friendship is being told, or the sadness that I feel when a character in the book is hurting.  I love that people have the ability to create images in my mind, without having to show me a picture.  And how people are able to make me cry without telling me how I should be feeling.  And, if you’re like me, and you love how you feel when you read a book, as soon as you finish that last page, you flip back to the front and start all over again.

So this is a post to show my appreciation of all those great story-tellers out there.  Be it through photos, through the written word, or if you are one of the chosen few who just know how to tell a great story face to face, thank you for all those great stories and for everything that they inspire.




7 responses

10 04 2012

I love to listen to people’s stories, especially everyday situations that turn into a great story to tell, or story from travels…!!:)

10 04 2012

I love hearing travel stories too! Some people just have the art of storytelling down!

10 04 2012
Anita Mac

The art of story telling is a gift – I love being mesmorized by story – sometimes a great escape from the daily grind, sometimes just to be caught up in the excitement. I especially love stories from other people’s travels – inspiration for future trips….

10 04 2012
Deb Platt

Or instead of re-reading, if you discover an author who is doing a series that you enjoy, it’s kind of like a book that never ends. My husband is a fan of David Weber’s “Honor Harrington” series (it’s sci-fi), and I think there has been something like 16 volumes so far.

10 04 2012

I’ve gotten caught in the multi volume books too deb, and I love it! 16 volumes is definitely a commitment.

10 04 2012

Loving your post!!!

10 04 2012


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