What do you think when you hear the rooster crow?

15 03 2012

When you hear the rooster crow in the morning, is that a sign that you should be up already or is it a sign that you’re up way too early?

I had to ask myself that question after flying from the east coast to the west coast and waking up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to tackle the day….at 4:30 in the morning.

A normal person would roll over and attempt to fall back to sleep.  A sane person may get up and go downstairs and curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and a book.  Well, we never said we were normal or sane….so with a quick note left in the kitchen for our house guests:

‘It’s 5am and we’re going out to explore!  Should be back soon, but if we’re not – help yourself to anything and everything! ‘

We were out the door and on our way to see what’s happening in West Seattle at 5am on a Sunday.

Twinkling cityscape lights, the first early morning ferries zigzagging across Elliot Bay, and the very noisy sea lions chattering up a storm.

Seattle Skyline from West Seattle

The Space Needle

After taking in the morning and realizing that the sun wasn’t really going to come out from behind the clouds, we still made it back before everyone woke up.

A few days later we decided to repeat our early morning photography expedition, except this time we had a specific location in mind.  However, this time we were not fresh off the plane and still on the east coast time zone.  This time the 5am wake up took a little more coordination – an alarm clock that I couldn’t seem to turn off due to my hand having fallen asleep (and not woken up yet), and a body that knows without a doubt that it was too early to be awake and did not want to be hustled out into the cold.

But, we made it to Kerry Park, and we weren’t alone.  There were no less than 3 other photographers (and more who showed up later) who had kicked themselves out of bed and set up shop to capture photos and time lapsed video of the iconic Seattle skyline with the Space Needle in the forefront and Mount Rainier in the background.

Scenic View from Kerry Park

Seattle Sunrise

The Space Needle & Mt. Rainier

A Morning in Queen Anne

I have to admit, it was worth it.




9 responses

15 03 2012

Lovely and beautiful photographs.

15 03 2012


15 03 2012

Beautiful pics! You had a good morning for exploring especially with the weather we’ve been having.

15 03 2012

Beautiful pics – thanks for sharing!

15 03 2012

Glad to see there are others who get up early & set up the camera for that perfect shot. We’re not abnormal. Just getting the best of life.

16 03 2012

It is a great feeling when you feel like you’re seeing something that others aren’t. You just have to put in the time.

16 03 2012

Thats the greatness of Seattle, beautiful photo opportunities all year round any time of the day! Nice!

16 03 2012

So true! I love that everyone has so much access to the great views in Seattle

16 03 2012

And you can still be very creative even though you are taking a shot from the same place as other people. Love it

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