Ten Minutes of Philadelphia

21 02 2012

I don’t know much about Philadelphia.  I’ve only been to Philadelphia four times.  The first time, I saw only the outside of the Wachovia Stadium.  The second time I have no idea where we were but we found ourselves driving along backstreets and did an event in a country club of sorts.  The third time I actually got to walk the streets of downtown Philadelphia while doing a site check, and although a quick trip, I still managed to grab an ice cream at Reading Terminal and try out the lobster mac and cheese at The Continental.  

The fourth, and most recent trip to Philadelphia was only a few hours long, and I didn’t really see anything except for the inside of our event walls.  But let me show you what I did see the last 10 minutes of our trip.

So these images I was able to capture through the passenger window on the way out of town leads me to believe that Philadelphia has quite a story that I haven’t experienced yet.

Tell me what I’ve been missing and what I need to make sure I see the next time I’m in town!




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21 02 2012
Courtney Mara

Great photos! I just did a post about Phily as well!

Courtney Mara

21 02 2012

Oh Philadelphia, the place I called home for 5 years!
In Center City if you head east toward the Del. River and along Walnut you can see the nation’s oldest continuously running theatre, the Walnut Street Theatre, at 8th St. you can catch Jeweler’s Row and then follow Chestnut east to pass the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. At 3rd Street go north to enjoy a cluster of awesome locally-owned boutiques, bars and galleries.
You’d also love going south south south! It appears that you were in the Fairmount area for the most part. South Philadelphia is great! You’d love wandering around the neighborhoods surrounding the Italian Market. Highly suggest eating in that area too, so many small and amazing restaurants and cafes. A great mix of old Italian South Philly and the new young artsy Philadelphia nestled in between small winding streets and tacky bay window displays.
Of course there’s always West Philly as well—a place filled with incredible farmer’s markets, beautiful old homes, green parks and a very strong DIY community. And if you leave the city proper and head a bit further out, you can enjoy the views of Fairmount Park, Longwood Gardens and Amish Country, in addition to slew of incredible small artsy towns situated along the river. Basically Philadelphia is a city well worth your time!

21 02 2012

Thanks for the info Mandy! This is great – looks like I have my next trip planned.

22 02 2012

It looks gorgeous! I’ve never been but your pictures definitely hint at something awesome.

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