A Quiet Kind of ‘Hustle & Bustle’

17 02 2012

Just when you think that you may be succumbing to the winter doldrums that inevitably take place sometime in January or February once the holiday festivities have come and gone, and you realize that the Groundhog hasn’t started spring cleaning just quite yet, it just takes a little bit of the hustle and bustle to revive you from that grey feeling.

And how do you get more “Hustle and Bustle” than New York City?

Even the skyline seems to vibrate with a certain energy.  And when you look out at those iconic buildings from across the way in New Jersey, you can imagine all those people, going in all of those different directions, with different agendas and different lives from your own.  And although you may not want to live any of those particular lives, you want to be part of that collective energy.  Because once you step off the train onto that platform, once you reach the sidewalk in front of Madison Square Garden, or Times Square, or any of those iconic locations, you pause, take a deep breath and you look up, before you are immediately enveloped into the crush of people and start walking twice as fast as you normally do.

After visiting NYC for the equivalent of three months over the last three years, we finally stepped inside into a different type of hustle and bustle.  A place where it’s okay to walk slowly, a place where you are encouraged to pause and get lost in the moment, and a place where it’s acceptable to take a break and rest a while (some go as far as taking a quick power nap, although I’m sure they say that they’re just resting their eyes).

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The MET)


Sketch Classes in Greek and Roman Art

Artistic Pottery

Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas

A Whole Lota Silver

Gold Masks and Sculptures

Modern Art Sculptures

A Modern Art Cat

A Lone Silhouette

Four hours later I was about ready to sit down and take a nap.  Sometimes you could feel the seriousness of the art like a physical weight on your shoulders.  So after getting a brief second wind in taking in the quirkiness of the Modern and Contemporary Art galleries, we were museum’ed out and vowed that Asian Art, Egyptian Art, Islamic Art and Musical Instruments would have to wait until the next time.

Some Dizzying Contemporary Art




3 responses

17 02 2012

Wow, what a Museum, & they let you take photos !

18 02 2012

No flash photography but we were able to take photos of everything but the special exhibitions. We’ve started shooting in manual now! It’s more work but the results are rewarding.

20 02 2012

We spent an afternoon hiding from some very cold and snowy weather here. A first visit for both of us. Such serenity with a storm raging outside.


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