A Little Sun & Surf

12 12 2011

No trip to California is complete without a trip to the beach.  And, because it is December and the majority of people are bundled up in winter clothes and preparing for hibernation, we didn’t just stop at one beach.  We went to five!  Yes, maybe it is overkill, but can you really blame us?  It’s December.  And I got to break out the flip flops again (I thought I’d packed them away for the next 7 months).

A little trip along the Pacific Coast Highway started off our beach tour with a view of Malibu.

Malibu along the Pacific Coast Highway

We took a little detour to Fred Segal in Santa Monica and got the ultimate LA experience.  We got to watch the paparazzi in action!  A photographer with a huge telephoto lens was sneaking amidst the cars in the Fred Segal parking lot.  We followed the path of the camera and it led us to an odd scene of a guy, standing next to his maserati with a woman who had a box full of clothes in her trunk.  She kept taking clothes out of the box and putting them up to him.  Weird, getting fitted for clothes in a parking lot.  Turns out it was the lead guy from Hung.

Up Close and Personal with the Santa Monica Pier

Newport Beach and Huntington Beach were a nice surprise.  It seems it’s too cold for the locals to take a beach day, so we had the beach to ourselves.

Newport Beach

Well…that is except for the birds.  This one was quick-stepping it away as if we were the paparazzi and he was saying, ‘no pictures please.  Can’t a guy take a walk on the beach in peace!?’

Running from the paparazzi

Nathan's Shot of the Day

And of course, there were also the dolphins…

A pod of frolicking dolphins

The last beach that we had a chance to visit lived up to its glamorous reputation.   Laguna Beach sure knows how to take a good photo.

Laguna Beach

Pelican Sunset

Laguna Beach Sunset





18 responses

12 12 2011

Really cool shots! The shot of the day is also my favorite!

12 12 2011

Thanks! Yes, it’s my favourite. I may not have taken the photo, but I made the bird sounds to get the bird to take flight!

12 12 2011

Absolutely love your photos:) I am now dreaming of the sun and sand!

13 12 2011

Love the photos. I grew up in California and Laguna beach was our preferred beach.

13 12 2011
Anita Mac

Gorgeous photos! I wish I could head out there now! Your bird shots are great too – love the reflection.

13 12 2011

Really gorgeous shots!

13 12 2011

Beautiful pictures! I want to go to California now! Thanks for sharing.

14 12 2011

I love your photos!

14 12 2011
Erin Spens

Sitting in cold, gray, rainy London these shots make me sick for California!

14 12 2011

awesome pics!!! Love your posts!!

14 12 2011


14 12 2011
The Hook

A little sun and surf sounds good to me!

15 12 2011

Love the photos:)

15 12 2011

I love all of your pictures–they’re so vibrant!

15 12 2011

Great photos!!!

16 12 2011

Nice pictures..I wonder how it feels to be there..

17 12 2011
StrangeLittleGirl Photography

nice pics, so wish I was there right now!! Hope to make it out to the California coast and San Fran Someday

19 12 2011
Aja Lynn

Your shots are making me miss my home on Southern California as I sit here staring at the “umpteenth” day straight of gray skies here in Seattle. I wouldn’t trade, but, I sure am missing it right now! 🙂 Thanks for a little taste of home!

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