Lights, Camera, Action!

28 11 2011

At the corner of La Brea and Sunset you can find a cute English-Style village; definitely not something that you would expect in the middle of Hollywood.  But, when you see Kermit the Frog looking down at you, you realize where you are.   The birthplace of moving pictures – Charlie Chaplin’s original sound stage, Home of The Muppets, otherwise known as the Jim Henson Company. 

Jim Hensen's Studio

It wasn’t until we had the opportunity to help out at an event designed and produced by our friends at rock and rain, that we realized how cool it was to be in this space.  The moment that made me pause during a very busy set up day was when I saw the “Recording” light and I thought about how many times that light had been turned on, and how many films had taken place in the same room that I was standing in.


You saw the “Before” above.  Now, take a look at the “After”.  I wish I would have attended a party that was this cool when I was a kid.  Ice cream sundae bar, candy goodie bags, a mirror surrounded in lights for facepainting and hairstyling, a colouring wall, a workshop to customize your own clothes, asian-style photo booths, tons of food, and a runway show.  What more could a kid want in a party?

The "After"

Best Facepaint Ever

The "Workshop"

Photo Op

The Runway

The Designer Walk

Just a Few Photographers




12 responses

28 11 2011

What a cool place to visit! Love the Muppets! Was the party for Gwen Stefani?

28 11 2011

Very Cool! Yes, it was for her new kids clothing line at Target.

29 11 2011

Fun times

2 12 2011


I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I like your blog…Keep writing…


13 12 2011

Tremendous shots Nathan

14 12 2011
The Pencil Pirouette

May I know what camera and lens you use? Thank you.

14 12 2011

Hello! For these indoor/low light shots, we used a Nikon D80 with a Nikon 50mm f/1.8 lens. Happy shooting!

14 12 2011
The Pencil Pirouette

Thanks much!

14 12 2011
Lissa Rabon

I just saw the new muppet movie last night. The set and studio was the main focus, cool to see it as it really is. Great post!

16 12 2011

The movie was great too! A good return to the form of the original

14 12 2011
The Hook

What a cool place to explore!

17 12 2011

nice place to visit

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