The Joy of a Good Road Trip

20 11 2011

Flying may be the fastest way to travel, a great way to see crop circles, look down on the Rocky Mountains, and offer a few hours of much needed solace from phone calls, text messages and emails (unless of course you’re on a wifi enabled flight), but there’s just something fun and personal about being on a road trip.  The joy of packing a snack bag full of treats that you probably shouldn’t be eating (because how much energy are you really expelling sitting in a car).  But who doesn’t need a block of Tiger Butter fudge for the road?

Hopefully you build in enough time to your road trip that you have the flexibility to make a few unscheduled stops.  Because, isn’t that the best part of road trips?

On a trip from Lake Havasu, AZ to Seattle and Seattle, WA back down to Las Vegas, NV we took a few necessary detours.

Aside from a stop in Berkley, CA to visit friends and pick up some wine, we made a stop at Casa de Fruta, which had a complete Fall set up that can’t help but put you in the Fall mood.

Fall Scenes at Casa de Fruta

We were in a pretty big rush to get up to Seattle and take in the sights there, but on our 2 day, 20 hour road trip back down to the desert, we made sure to stretch our legs in only the most scenic spots….

Wahkeena Falls at the Columbia River Gorge

Catching the Flowing Water

Multnomah Falls

Horsetail Falls Close Up

And…..when you travel with boys, you have to stop and see some fish, so we made a trip out to the Bonneville Fish Hatchery as well.  I admit that even I was fascinated with all of these salmon trying to jump over the wood boards to get back to where they started.

Jumping Salmon

Despite the urgency to take a flight to hurry up and arrive to start your trip, there’s no better way to turn your travel time into a trip itself than with a road trip.




8 responses

21 11 2011
Deborah Pelloni

Great words, nothing better than enjoying the way to your ”final destination”, that’s the real journey. 🙂

21 11 2011

Love Road Tripping:) Thanks for sharing your road trip and photos. We have stopped at Casa de Fruta on road trips – very interesting place! Love to see more of Oregon and Washington – pretty country there to see and explore.

21 11 2011

A lovely time that must’ve been. I nominated you for an award. Please see my post about it.

22 11 2011

Road trips can be a blast. Love the photos.

3 12 2011
Rory Alexander

Wow, those falls are incredible and your photos are great.

14 12 2011

Your photos are gorgeous! Are you sure you’re not a photographer for a living? 😀

14 12 2011

Thanks Rachel. Hopefully one day…

14 12 2011
The Hook

Road trips rock, don’t they?

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