16 11 2011

When you discover something new and shiny, you just want to share it with everyone.  Although, most cases, it’s probably more of a ‘look but don’t touch‘ kind of sharing.  You always want to keep some of the razzle dazzle for yourself.

In this case, I definitely want to share how sparkly and new Seattle seems to be, since it brought out its best sun shiney and sparkly days during our recent visit.  Not only do I want to share Seattle with you, I want to encourage you to go check it out and experience it for yourself, because there’s nothing quite like the Pacific Northwest (all you Vancouverites know I mean Vancouver most of all!).

View of Mt. Rainier from the West Seattle Bridge

Seattle Skyline from Hamilton Viewpoint Park

I’ve often heard that people think that the people of Vancouver, BC/Seattle, WA have a conspiracy to keep people away from the Westcoast with rumours of all those dreary rainy days.  Everyone always says that it rains…..but when visitors come and it always seems to be beautiful, sunny and clear… makes people suspicious that we’re trying to keep the masses at bay.

And I am here to tell you the Conspiracy Theory is right!!  This is the weather all the time!

Dyes Inlet at Chico Beach

What Rain?

Kidding…..kidding.  It definitely does rain.  But, with days like these, you kind of suffer short term (sometimes long term) memory loss and you forget all about those rainy dreary days.

Some Say the Best Way to Travel...

Maybe the Most Scenic Way to Travel...




8 responses

16 11 2011

Your photos make Seattle look alot more beautiful than I even imagined. Lovely! I can’t wait to get there.

17 11 2011

Yes! It is gorgeous…even when it’s raining it has a certain appeal.

18 11 2011

You have a good eye. Do you think you see more traveling for business or for pleasure? We work in schools and travel mostly summers, but then are not tied down to a work schedule. Honestly not sure which one is better in terms of seeing the world. What do you think?

18 11 2011

I’ve been fortunate to be able to wrap up travel for both business and pleasure. Since I’m on the road constantly for work, I try to take advantage of my surroundings and see as much as I can. Sometimes it can be more enjoyable to discover a cool adventure during a work trip because it’s unexpected. But, any type of travel is always a plus!

18 11 2011
Deborah Pelloni
13 12 2011

As a Seattleite I love seeing posts that show the beauty of this amazing place. I have traveled a lot and really enjoyed it, but nothing quite competes with the PNW 🙂

14 12 2011
The Hook

Great breathtaking shots!

19 12 2011
Aja Lynn

I moved to Seattle a couple of years ago from Southern California (by way of Oregon) and I agree that it’s a beautiful place. Even more wonderful than the sky and scenery are the people here in the Northwest, I think. You made this city look amazing in your shots.

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