Cool but Creepy

19 10 2011

Cool but Creepy.

That seems to be the overlying description of the massive dust storm that swept through Texas on Monday.  Apparently it was an 8,000 foot dust cloud that moved up to 70 mph across the dry Texas plains.   The Weather Channel dubbed the story, ‘Texas Turns Red’.

Well, I can personally attest that it was Cool but Creepy….when you were looking at it from afar and you could see it growing bigger and bigger and see the contrasting colours from the black, brown, and red dust in comparison to the bright blue sky and puffy white clouds.

Just Plain Scary is how I would describe it from the perspective of actually driving in this massive cloud of dust.

We were passing through Muleshoe, TX when the sky darkened until it was just a wall of brown and red and you couldn’t see further than the front of your hood.  You could feel the wind actually lift the truck up from the side.  You just hoped that no one stopped abruptly in front of you.

It was a crazy experience and once we made it through I don’t know why I was surprised that the inside of the window had a coat of red dust on it, when I had a coat of red dust all over me too.




6 responses

19 10 2011
Galen Leeds Photography

That i a huge, colorful wall of dust/sand. Mother nature is looking pretty dang powerful in these photos

22 10 2011

That is crazy, what a wonderful effect.

25 10 2011

That is scary but beautiful.

16 11 2011

Great photos! I think you captured the moment very well

18 11 2011

I have seen those dust storms roll in and it get so dark in the middle of the afternoon, great pics

16 12 2011
Pushpa Raj Acharya

great photos!

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