Discovering Santa Fe

10 10 2011

Is there such a thing as a “typical” Santa Fe experience?

Yes, there are the typical historical sites to see, but I feel like this place encourages people to get lost in it.  For one, the streets don’t follow a grid system (so you may get lost for real) but the natural flow of the old town area encourages you to detour off of the main streets, stroll down back alleys where you can discover hidden courtyards full of art galleries, tasty pastry shops and the perfect setting for a local New Mexican beer or a spicy mayan hot chocolate.  Even a short stroll off Canyon Road we saw a picture perfect setting.

Santa Fe has an atmosphere that screams ‘Slow Down!  Stay a while and enjoy yourself!’  If you’re coming from a fast paced East Coast city it can seem painfully slow and if you’re coming from the laid back West Coast it can feel casual but formal at the same time.  And no matter where you’re from you probably say to yourself, ‘what’s with the green chilies in everything?’  Just the local flavour, so take advantage!

From an outsider’s perspective, this is a community that supports working artists, encourages the use and enjoyment of fresh ingredients from local farmers and welcomes visitors who want to inspire the right side of their brain.  Even if you are a city girl/guy at heart, once you hit the streets of Santa Fe don’t be surprised if you get inspired to wake up early to see the sunrise break over the mountains, find yourself running your fingers along the adobe walls because you can’t resist the texture, or discover your inner photographer and start taking photos of everything because the contrasting colours are so dramatic.

For me, what I wanted to do while we were in town was to track down the iconic “colourful mailboxes”.  We walked, and drove, up and down Canyon Road.  We saw pictures in photo galleries of this scene and asked around, but no one would give us any real answers. Some locals had no idea what I was talking about.  But guess what?  Perseverance pays off….




5 responses

10 10 2011
Static Instants

Outstanding colors and field depth. The lady and the truck is very nice.

10 10 2011

Yes, the lady and the truck look great ! Keep up the pictures and dialogue, It makes travelling so much fun.

10 10 2011

You look marvelous!! Very relaxed 🙂

19 10 2011
Bryanna Marie

This post makes me want to visit Santa Fe! Great photos!

26 10 2011

stunning images!!!! 🙂

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