It’s Worth It

3 10 2011

There is an art to attending large scale events.  Jostling crowds, heavy traffic, cold weather, over-priced vendor food and outhouses.  It can make a lot of people want to stay home and avoid all of the craziness altogether.  You can talk yourself into staying at home and tell yourself, ‘mmmm is it really worth it?  All the hassle.  It’s probably better to just watch the coverage from home.’

Yes.  It is much easier to avoid the 4am wake up call, the steady line of traffic into the event grounds, the pre-dawn chill, and everything else that goes hand in hand with large events.  But, you would miss out on the feeling of anticipation, the tingle at the back of your neck as you jump out of the car and head to the event, the feeling of camaraderie with people from all over the world that you’re sharing an experience with, the smell of cinnamon, coffee, breakfast burritos and most importantly, you would miss out on the feeling of amazement that you are seeing what you’re seeing and experiencing what you’re experiencing.

The trick:  Wake up early and suck it up!  You only get stuck in traffic when you try to go when everyone else is going to the event.  You only get stuck in a crowd when you join an already established crowd….you need to get there first!  And head to the event ready to take in everything that you can and let yourself be as excited as a kid on Christmas morning, clapping, whooping, and waving alongside everyone else.

40 years of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta and I’m sure it never gets old to listen to the countdown before seeing ten hot air balloons lined up in a row light up against the black sky and then launch one by one until they are up in the air twinkling like Christmas tree lights as they dazzle the crowd with a flicker burn.





3 responses

5 10 2011

I still can’t believe that my BFF was there with you!!! Crazy, had I been on the ball you could have met her.


7 10 2011

One simple happiness, a worldly will grow old. Keep a young heart, do a simple people, enjoy sunshine and warmth. Life should be so.

21 11 2011
pommepal Pauline Carroll

Amazing atmospheric photos.

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