28 08 2011


The perfect ending to a week of hiking, fishing and ‘roughing’ it.  Red rocks, dry heat and an inspirational landscape.

Get a panoramic view without having to hike up the mountains.  The Sedona Airport has a great scenic overlook that gets overlooked by the masses.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

Along the Broken Arrow trail, there’s a 12 mile fault line that marks a straight line through the red rocks. 

Hidden away at Red Rock Crossing is the perfect place to view Cathedral Rock.  A longer drive and a quick walk, or a quick drive and a longer walk and you can get an unobstructed view of one of the most photographed scenes in Sedona:  red rock formations glowing during sunset, cascading clouds and the whole scene reflected in water.




5 responses

28 08 2011

superb photos. thanks for taking us to sedona with your lens!

28 08 2011

Wow, at the right place at the right time. Incredible lighting for the pictures.

29 08 2011

It took a little more orchestrating than being a coincidence. There was definitely some running involved to catch the setting sun. We definitely weren’t like some of the other photographers out there that waited 3 hours to capture the shot. But we did stay an extra hour to see the full moon rising behind Cathedral Rock.

7 10 2011

Failure does not imply you have wasted time and life. It shows you have reasons to start again.

14 12 2011

Nice photos!

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