Going on an Elk Hunt

14 08 2011

You would think that spotting an elk in the wilderness would be a special occasion.  We did too when we went searching for a herd of elk one evening on an off road trail.  We kicked up rocks and plenty of dust as we drove along the off road trails near the Grand Canyon and we were rewarded by coming across a herd of elk bulls.  We crept into the tall grass to take photos as these bulls with huge racks of antlers were feeding on their evening meal.

Even after we’d gotten back in the car and were far away from the herd we were still whispering.  We saw another elk bull munching on some grass right beside the road.  And a mixed herd complete with babies by one of the watering holes.


By the time we’d gotten back from our ride, we’d seen a ton of elk, mule deer, and I realized I may have a little fear of heights after we’d climbed the Lookout Tower at Grandview Point and it made me a little shaky.

We thought we’d really spotting something special seeing so many Elk that night, that is until we woke up the next morning to watch the sunrise and found that they were all over the main Grand Canyon Lodge grounds, and then to find that our campground was filled with Elk during Happy Hour.

So, if at first you don’t succeed…try again at dawn or dusk.




3 responses

7 10 2011

that’s amazing~~
Good days give you joy while bad days give you experience. So never regret every single day of your life!

18 11 2011

Great pictures, I usaed to guide Elk Hunnters, what camera are you using

20 11 2011

Thanks! Using a Nikon D80 for these shots

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