Mayday Mayday!

31 07 2011

This is an old photo of the ol’ Rocky Comfort when we first put her in the water 2 years ago.   Take a close look, I added a few additions to the photo to help illustrate my story for today.

Now, picture a very sunny hot day on Lake St. Claire in Michigan, put me in the spot where Loyd is and imagine that we are just leaving the dock.  With Nathan at the helm, I jump up to the front of the boat to help guide us through the dock poles.  And then…it happened.  If there was ever a reason to make sure that all your lines are organized, now would be the time.  See that ‘arrow‘ and the ‘orange circle‘?  Well, that would be the spot where I got caught up in the jib sheet lines and I fell over board into the lake water.  Yup.  I fell overboard.  And I don’t know how to swim.  It’s okay to laugh.  Obviously I survived and I’ve realized that if I fall out of a boat I know how not to drown.

It all happened in slow motion.  I almost heard the water splash around me before I realized that I had fallen in, but I kicked my legs and made it to the surface.  And then I hung on to the side of the boat, in shock for a little while, until Nathan told me to get my phone out of my pocket (so, if you’ve tried to call me, my phone is drying in a bowl of rice trying to suck out all the lake water).   Nathan tried to hoist me up, but that wasn’t going to work so I paddled over to the back of the boat and hung on to the dock for a while.  I tried to grab onto the dock and lift myself out of the water, but my arms were so weak!  Damn that Insanity work out that I did this morning with all of the push ups! (I actually did think that at the time, and ‘aren’t the Insanity workouts supposed to make my arms stronger?‘).

I did finally make it out of the water with a little help from the swim ladder.  And yes, we did end up going for a sail after I made it back into the boat.  I gave a little wave to everyone as we left the marina, since yes, there were spectators to my hopefully graceful fall overboard.  And if anyone is wondering if Nathan jumped into the water after me, the answer would be “No”, since at that point the boat was floating with no dock lines attached and it didn’t seem smart for both first mate and captain to be overboard with a runaway boat.

To think just moments before I fell into the water I was thinking, ‘I better not sit on the cushions right now since we just hosed them off, I don’t want to get my shorts wet or dirty.’  It’s like I jinxed myself!!





4 responses

1 08 2011

I am so happy you made it safely out of the water and I hope it didn’t take too long to dry out. Take care.

1 08 2011

Just a couple bumps and bruises and a funny story out of it all. It didn’t take too long to dry off – that’s why I decided to keep on with our sail since it would be easier to dry out in the sun on the water than back in the car.

2 08 2011

I’m sure you fell with grace and didn’t make a single squealing noise. I’m curouis to know how cold the water was!?!


3 08 2011

It actually wasn’t very cold, surprisingly. I’m sure it would have been had we been out in the middle of the lake.

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