Change is in the air…

24 07 2011

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re so busy with keeping the things in your life organized that you start to lose the ability to organize anything?  That no matter how many things you can cross off your list, there’s always three items to add on for every item crossed off?  And when you wake up in the middle of the night; for that brief second between when you realized that you were awake and the next second when you turn over and go back to sleep, you have to literally stop your mind from picking up where it left off on your checklist.

It sucks doesn’t it.

Maybe instead of fighting against the flow it’s time to embrace the change and start moving in a different direction. Everyone always says, the only thing that remains constant, is change.




One response

25 07 2011

I put a big old like here!!! We are growth Traci, push and pull cause we are growth!! Josh brought up that no one in house takes me seriously so why am i working on Social Media plans!!!

Keep the faith, you do it all for you.

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