The Best of Boston

2 07 2011

Everyone always asks what city I like the best.  Usually I can’t answer that question – sometimes it all depends on my mood.  (Right now NYC not high on my list, but 6 months ago it was a chart topper).  Regardless of my favourite city, I have always been able to say that the city I wish I could spend more time in is Boston.

Despite the Canucks vs Bruins battle to the death, I don’t hold it against the city of Boston.  Although I did see a Bud Light banner that said, ‘Thanks for bringing home the cup‘, and I shook my fists of fury at it.  I calmed myself down, and decided that as long as I didn’t run into Chara  on the street, I should be fine.

2 Years ago I caught a glimpse of Boston in the backseat of a cab, winding through the alleyways that are Boston streets with a cab driver with the thickest Boston accent I’d ever heard.  We were in town for the Jay concert for one day only and didn’t have time to get more than a taste of Boston (although it was a great taste at Legal Seafood and my first taste of swordfish).  It was just enough to leave me wanting more.

This time I bypassed a taste and got a whole sampling menu of Boston.  Yes I was in town for work again.  Yes, I fell into a hole in the streets (those old brick cobblestones are not as sturdy as they look).  And yes, I did have my first whole lobster, complete with the lobster bib!  In fact, I didn’t stop there.  I also tried out the New England Clam Chowder (a must), oysters on the half shell, shrimp cocktail, and I even followed it up with a lobster roll.

And the piece de resistance?  A box of pastries from Mike’s Pastry.  Just walk down any street downtown Boston and you’re sure to see people walking in all directions with a box emblazoned with ‘Mike’s Pastry‘.  Apparently, it’s what one does in Boston.  You follow the crowds as they gather around the pastry shop, elbow your way inside, crane your neck to get a peek inside the pastry displays, give up and look at the pictures taped up close to the ceiling, and then realize that it’s cash only.

Someone was thinking when they put an ATM across the street.  Back into the line up again and try to decide which of the 15 types of cannoli’s you want to pick (accidentally call them cannelloni’s), or should you have a slice of ricotta cheesecake or tiramisu?  In the end, you say to the server, ‘I’m not going to tell you what I want, YOU tell me what I want’.  And you happily leave with a box of pastry that seems as though it weighs 5 lbs, but only contains one chocolate chip cannoli and a triple cream-filled lobster tail.  If you think about how heavy puff pastry is…think about how much cream filled these pastries to add that much weight to the box….

Overall, Boston is a very cool city, and I can still say the same thing, I wish I could spend more time in Boston. 





One response

3 07 2011

So glad you had a nice visit, as a tourist it was nice, working there was horrific. Also thrilled the event went well.


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