East VS West

1 07 2011

One 3am wake up call, two plane rides, and 8 hours of travel time.  It was all worth it just to have 40 hours on the Westcoast and spend 8 hours with a friendly face.  Sometimes you just need to get a sense of ‘home’.  Whether that means the moderate temperatures of the Pacific Northwest, the view of snow capped mountaintops and evergreens, chewy ginger molasses cookies, or calling a friend up as soon as you land and say, ‘I didn’t think about it until just now but do you want to come visit this weekend?’ and to be that close to home that it’s actually a possibility.

I forced my way to Seattle this weekend to help set up one of our programs that participated in Seattle’s PrideFest on Sunday.  It didn’t matter that I, in a sense, volunteered to work this weekend, that it would mean having 12 hours of sleep in a three day period, or that I would fly in on Saturday and turn around to fly back to the east coast first thing Monday morning.  Just being on the Westcoast is a vacation.  A vacation from the East Coast and the work that just won’t stop.  The difference between the Westcoast and the Eastcoast has never been more clear.




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