Chinese Flavours

22 05 2011

Only at a Chinese banquet would you partake in:

*  Roast suckling pig and sliced jellyfish

*  Deep fried crab claw wrapped in minced prawn (my favourite)

*  Shark fin and crab meat in fish maw soup

*  Sliced abalone braised with chinese mushroom in oyster sauce

And that was only half of the dishes that we tried at my sister’s Chinese wedding banquet.  These flavours are not for the unadventurous palette, the vegetarian palette, or anyone allergic to shellfish.  But, it is sooo tasty!  Yum!

I have no photos of the food, except for a photo of the head of the rock cod that was placed at the table for guests to fight over the delicacies of the fish cheeks…but it’s not a pretty sight so I’ve made the executive decision not to post that photo.

I do have photos of the cake though.  Which should not be overlooked as it was a White sponge cake with fresh cream and mango, coconut and pineapple mousse.




2 responses

24 05 2011

And what a lovely shot it is.


2 06 2011

So glad the cake looks so lovely!

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