Hollywood vs Runyon Canyon

10 05 2011

‘Keep your eyes peeled for celebrities!  You recognize faces better than I do’.  

These were words straight out of my mouth as we started our Sunday morning activity:  hiking around Runyon Canyon.  Just steps away from Hollywood Blvd, the tourist magazines tell me that this is where the stars really hang out.  And if I believe all of the celebrity gossip magazines and the reality TV shows that show the canyon when stars are trying to get back into shape, this must be true.

They definitely don’t hang out at Hollywood & Highland, where we spent the greater part of the week.  If you want to see Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson impersonators, or grown men dressed like Spiderman and Captain America bickering over a dollar and asking families to give them more money since there’s two of them and they don’t know how to make change, or Darth Vader walking around without his helmet, or even a woman dressed in a bright pink ballgown who we think is trying to be a Disney Princess but we don’t know from which story (we later decided she was trying to be Barbie)……then Hollywood & Highland is the place to be.

What started out as a thinly veiled excuse to do some celebrity scoping, turned out to be a pretty cool workout.  We opted to climb up the steep incline at the start.  Good thing there were some nice views at the top as a reward.

Did you see any celebrities?’  I had to ask, because in the end all of my focus was spent watching my feet and making sure I didn’t fall….and taking in the panoramic views of course.




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10 05 2011

I was trying to come up with some appropriate Hollywood quote from Pretty Woman, failed.


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