Tourist? Excuse Me?

25 03 2011

Someone called me a tourist.  In Vancouver.

I admit, I was dressed to spend a day walking along the Seawall and I did have my camera out.  But tourist? There was no fanny pack around my waist, I had on the Vancouver uniform of yoga pants and a puffy vest.  Besides, the mix of locals and tourists that take advantage of the seawall on foot, on bike, on rollerblades, taking photographs and being amazed at the scenery, is so interchangeable.  Everyone, local or tourist, takes time to discover, or rediscover, the area, especially on a sunny day.

I ended up on the same path of a couple of amateur photographers, and it’s so interesting to see what everyone focuses on for their photos.  One woman loved cherry blossoms and boats and another guy couldn’t pass up a good photo of a seagull.  So, I thought, Sure, I’ll take a photo of your seagull as well.  Why not?

Which led me to a little bit of a bird kick.  I spent waaay too long trying to get this crane to do something interesting.

And then a crow freaked me out by flying at me when I was very zoomed in to get a photo with it eating a fish.

And on that note, I leave you with a couple of photos to get your mind off of that crazy looking crow.

As I finished up my 15 km walk, I took in the image that was in front of me, the sun was shining, people were sitting on the beach eating ice cream, there were kayakers in the water, a sailboat was skimming the water at English Bay, and I thought to myself, ‘there is NO way that people are doing this right now on the east coast.’




2 responses

25 03 2011

Some amazing shots! Just wow!

25 03 2011

That’s for sure. Give me the West Coast any day. We have it pretty good. Rain and all.

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