Capturing Those Last Moments

25 03 2011

Had a wonderful time so thank you Vancouver for welcoming me back home and giving me at least 3 sunny days!

Cambie & Hastings:

Local pub on Cambie Street:

Gastown at Night:

Lions Gate Bridge:

House on Stilts at Coal Harbour:

Vancouver Convention Centre:

The Seawall:


Spending my last moments in Vancouver eating poutine and ketchup chips and sipping on some Canada Dry.  How Canadian!  The only thing I didn’t have a chance to do is play ‘Rrrooll up the rim to win’.




4 responses

26 03 2011

I feel like I failed you by not getting you to a Tim’s before you left me!

27 03 2011

Great to have you in town Traci! Love your pictures, it makes us even more proud to be Vancouverites. Come back soon.

13 04 2011

These are all really lovely

6 10 2011
A Photographer

I love the bridge and the fireworks!

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