The Canadian Wilds

23 03 2011

Did I ever tell you about the time I was in Dallas and when hearing that I was from Canada someone asked me, “So have you ever been attacked by a wild animal?”. I was stunned.  I didn’t know whether to feel angry that there was still such a stereotype about Canada or sad that this guy from Dallas had such a limited knowledge and exposure to the world.  That is, until he told me that he’d travelled all over the world – Europe, Australia, etc.  Then, I asked him where his cowboy hat and chaps were.  Time to fight stereotype with stereotype.

Well, maybe his views of Canada aren’t so far off.  Obviously not that we trudge around in the forest fighting off wild animals all of the time.  But there is SO much wildlife here!  Walking along the beach that I used to visit when I was growing up was like watching a show on the Discovery Channel.  It also made me realize that not everyone had the childhood activities of clam digging, picking seaweed and playing in the driftwood.

I went home to visit at exactly the right time.  The herring season was starting, the Brant Festival was upon us, the water was turning turquoise and the sea life was abuzz with activity.

The seals were having a party and the sea lion was barking up a storm.

The seagulls and ducks were gossiping on the sandbar…..that is, until the eagles swooped in to scatter them (for no reason other than their own entertainment – a little bit of a power trip).

Unfortunately not all of the herring are going to make it as a lot of the “herring to be’s” washed up to decorate the sea shore.





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