The Value of a Good Picture

14 03 2011

Looking through old photo albums it seems like a whole different world.  Everyone went out dressed in their best (matching velour track suits was not an option!) and getting everyone to pose for a photo was the norm.   There’s so much class and history in old black and white photos.

Can you even remember what it was like when taking a photo was a big deal?  When you had only 28 opportunities to take a great photo, so everyone posed and smiled pretty and had their fingers crossed behind their back hoping that this photo would be frame worthy.  When patience was a virtue and you had to wait to see the results until after the prints were developed.  And then, it became a photo party, and you had better have ordered doubles (or even triples) because you just knew you had to share with friends, parents, and grandparents.

It’s almost like taking photos is too easy now.  Even babies know that when a photo is taken they should be able to see the results right then and there. There’s no anticipation, and there’s no need to put your best look forward the first time because it’s the norm to take at least 2 photos if not 3 of the same pose.

Regardless of how long it takes to look at the photos, the value of a good picture still remains the same.  The fact that a little 4 x 6 piece of paper (or digital thumbnail) can hold so many memories and emotions is amazing.  You grow up as a child having an endless number of pictures taken of you and soon you can only remember your childhood based on a series of still photographs.   So always remember that even though it’s important to keep all of those photographs for future generations to look through, it’s even more important to label and date them on the back!





3 responses

14 03 2011

I agree, pictures make up our memories.

16 03 2011

I have a film camera still and it annoyes my nieces so much that they can’t see the pictures right away. Do you print photos other than your storybooks?


Ps, glad to hear you are with your family right now.

17 03 2011

Unfortunately no, only the photobooks. But looking at all the photo albums it makes me feel like I should be.

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