A Little Splash of Colour

2 03 2011

I think I may be obsessed with french macaroons.  It started about a year and a half ago during a trip to Vegas at the Paris buffet.  At that time I thought they were these cute little jam filled meringues that I loved so much that I stuffed a few in a napkin and hid them in my purse.  An occasion that I am stilled mocked and teased about.

The obsession continued in St. Martin where I just had to buy a box of french macaroons and then was forced to scarf them down in the security line up since they were deemed contraband by the cruiseline.

And finally in downtown LA at a cute restaurant and gourmet market called Bottega Louie, where they had a rainbow of different colours and unique flavours like Chai, Rose and Earl Grey.

On a side note, I have also become obsessed with this new photo editing technique.  In addition to my french macaroon photos, here are some photos from Arizona.




3 responses

2 03 2011

These are cute! I tried doing this color select with a few photos, never pulled it off this well.


2 03 2011

Perhaps we see a new profession in photography for you Traci.

2 03 2011

I see nothing wrong with a little buffet macaroon liberation! We were at Paris, after all. Vivre le macaroon libre!

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