Where am I again?

3 02 2011

Sometimes I forget that it’s not normal to be constantly traveling from one city, one state, one hotel room to the next.  More often than I’d like to admit, I wake up in the morning and think, ‘where am I again?’ – and not because I had one too many ‘happy’ at Happy Hour! – but because it’s been a whirlwind trip that has taken me to Detroit, to St. Louis, down to Tampa, over to New Orleans, into Alabama, and then back to New Orleans, a flight back to Detroit, then a day trip to New Jersey, a quick bite to eat in NYC, and then a jaunt back to Alabama on the way to Dallas.   It’s exhausting even writing it all down much less living through that much traveling in the span of 2 1/2 weeks.

Wow.  2 1/2 weeks?  That’s all it’s been?  No wonder I walk, key card in hand, thinking what’s the room number again?  409?  No wait 203.  No that was last night.  Aha….312.

This was a real sign!  Just last Thursday in Mobile, AL.  I saw a ripple in the water, do you think it was an alligator?

Here I’ve been thinking that nothing’s happened the last couple of weeks, but I guess potentially seeing an alligator in a hotel parking lot, eating traditional cajun redfish and catfish in New Orleans, and a candle lit dinner in the village in NYC (with some apricot grappa that you could light on fire) is nothing to scoff at.  I’ve just gotten so used to the randomness of daily travel.

Traveling so much you become an expert at small talk.  True to my Canadian roots I talk about the weather a lot, it’s a great ‘go-to’ conversation topic.  And it doesn’t hurt that the weather’s been a hot topic for everyone lately.  And if you’ll note my travel route above, one might say that the storms have been following me around the country!

When you always look like you’re from out of town, but act like you’re a local, people ask questions.  I never thought that answering the question ‘Where are you from?’ would be so difficult.  Most often I respond, “good question” or “[awkward pause]….well my work base is out of Detroit, but I’m from Vancouver, Canada”.   You have to give people a sense of where you’re coming from so they can place you in the overall scheme of things; however, I need to make sure I’m clear that I’m not from Detroit, and that I’m not American.  And if you say Vancouver, BC, no one knows what you mean.   It was even worse when I first moved to the US from Toronto because then I would add that extra detail – ‘well I work out of Detroit, but I’m from Toronto, but originally from Vancouver…..so……yes, that’s where I’m from”.

What is probably just a quick question from someone wanting to do a little polite small talk soon becomes a complicated story of a work/travel/personal lifestyle that’s all wrapped up into one very messy, but somehow cohesive, ball.




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3 02 2011

Hard to think that after only being back to work a few weeks that a vacation sounds like the best medicine. It’s going to be a tough season.

6 02 2011
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