Sail Away to St. Thomas

20 01 2011

Early morning approaching St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands the storm clouds were abrewing but it paid off to be awake at 6:30am because we caught sight of some fleeting rainbows (not double rainbows but still nice).

Despite Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas being renowned for its shopping (every time you turn around someone’s trying to get you to buy cheap diamonds, alcohol, cigars, etc) we were more curious about the historical sights.  So we set off early to go see the historical 99 Steps.  We got out of the taxi and ended up walking in the wrong direction…ended up a little closer to the ghetto than we wanted to, but were pretty quickly turned around and found ourselves walking down main street, which looked so commercial that we knew we had to be in the right place (the place they directed all the cruise tourists to).

On our way to The 99 Steps and we hear someone calling to us from above and end up getting convinced to take a tour of Blackbeard’s Castle, the famous? Amber Waterfall and other historical houses.  Turns out we were within steps away from the 99 Steps, but oh well, it was a cool tour to take.

Our big excursion in St. Thomas was a Champagne Sail & Snorkel to St. John.   Since Main Street was busy with shoppers and traffic was backed up due to the government house inauguration we ended up taking the scenic tour through the mountains to the other side of the island.  It was a longer ride, but we ended up getting a scenic tour out of the deal (which would have been a separate excursion).  We boarded a 54′ catamaran and headed out to St. John for some snorkeling.

You’ll never guess?  A barracuda was stalking me in the water!  I’m serious.  At first I thought it was a trumpet fish and tried to get Nathan to take a photo, but when I looked back to find it… was GONE!  Which freaked me right out, since it had been hovering just below the surface beside me.  While I was swimming through seagrass trying to chase down some sea turtles I saw it again……so we headed back to the boat.

And that’s when we cracked open the champagne and rum punch!  Nathan took the helm.  (I probably should have taken a photo of that but I was too busy drinking champagne and chatting with my new best friends from Scotland).  After giving Nathan a hard time for backfilling the sails, another couple glasses of champagne and a rum punch ‘for the road‘, we headed back to the cruiseship.  The ride back was a little blurry but we had the whole bus laughing with us….or at us, one of the two.

We made it back to the ship in time to watch our sunset departure from the 17th deck Panoramic Lounge.




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2 02 2011

You must have smelled delicious

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