Welcome 2011!

19 01 2011

No more falling asleep 5 minutes before midnight on New Year’s Eve!  Or, wandering aimlessly around the streets of San Antonio looking for a place (any place other than Denny’s) to celebrate.  This year we made sure we were going to have a festive stroke of midnight….by being on the coast of Haiti.  Happy New Year!!

9 Day Eastern Caribbean Royal Caribbean cruise on the Oasis of the Seas.  That’s right.  We became cruisers!

I admit we were a little bit wary of becoming cruisers.   Was the ship going to be jam packed?  Were we going to be surrounded by retired folks?  Would we get stuck at a table with people that we didn’t want to hang out with?  Well our fears were for nothing.   The ship felt empty (they said they were full but the ship was HUGE).  And it wasn’t retired people like we feared…..mostly non-english speaking european families!  Not only did we not get stuck at a table of random people (we ate at a table for 2) but we only met one couple (bonded over sailing and rum punch in St. Thomas) the entire time!  I admit it – we were loners, but we had a great engagement honeymoon.

This boat…sorry ship…was HUGE!  It was 17 decks high and when we were at port next to other cruiseships we were actually eating breakfast looking down at the other ships.  There was an ice skating rink, aqua theatre, broadway theatre, a royal promenade with restaurants and shops, 2 flow rider areas where you could surf or boogie board, a climbing wall, plus a Boardwalk and Central Park.  It was very cool, although I will admit that when I heard there was going to be a Central Park on board, in my head I envisioned rolling meadows and places to picnic.  Sorry everyone…no rolling meadows.

This may have been the first of our cruises, but I don’t think it will be the last.  How else are you going to build up your status for special perks?  Although I have to tell you, when we first got to our stateroom, sitting on the desk was a Platinum pin and a “Congratulations on reaching the Platinum status” note, complete with complimentary robes to wear.  Well, what do you think about that?  Our first cruise and already platinum members!  That is until we turned the note over.  It was for rm 61088 NOT 61086.  oops…..I was already wearing my robe……So, we kept the pin, kept the robes and for 9 days we avoided our neighbours.




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