Jack Frost is a Nipping

12 12 2010

It’s official.  Winter is here.  I made it up until December 5th before seeing any snow on the ground and up until Dec. 10th before I woke up to snow on the ground (although it was gone by the afternoon).

There’s no escaping the snow today.  In Detroit it’s been snowing since 5am (it’s 9:30pm now) and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping anytime soon.

Not to worry though, I see the snow as an opportunity to spread some Canadian good cheer!  Just in time too, since I was in Windsor, ON this weekend and stopped in at Tim Horton’s and I forgot what a French Vanilla Cappuccino was called.  I stammered at the counter, ‘you know what I want – what everyone orders… a…. a ….. french vanilla something’. My eyes zigzagged around the room looking for clues, but I was so panicked because I couldn’t remember that I couldn’t see what I was looking for.  I felt like  Robin Scherbatsky on ‘How I met Your Mother’ – a woman with no country, resisting the American ways but realizing that the Canadian norms aren’t so normal any more.  Don’t worry though, I still say ‘you’re welcome’.

So, in an attempt to reclaim my Canadian citizenship, I stomped around every snow covered surface that I could find to mark my territory and establish my Canadianism.

I haven’t had this much fun stomping in the snow since I was a kid.  Is it wrong that every few steps I took I would look behind me at my Canadian tracks?




One response

12 12 2010

Very cute!!!! Sporting your mitten too?

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