Traveling the World in 6 Hours…

7 12 2010

If that’s your intention, then there really is only one answer.  EPCOT.

How else can you meet Francoise, the Canadian lumberjack, munch on quiche and french bread in a Parisian Boulangerie, explore the Moroccan marketplace, ride an adventurous Norwegian boat ride, watch a play in an Italian piazza, buy an assortment of japanese treats AND get a video of your future vacation……all in the same day.

Epcot is definitely the Adult Theme park at Disney, which was demonstrated by all of the alcohol stations dotted around the park and the majority of guests wandering around the park with beer mug, wine glass or champagne flute in hand while the kids play at the “KIDCOT” stations.  Of course, there were still various Disney characters available to sign autographs.

Amidst all of these cultural pavilions with souvenirs, educational videos and restaurants/snack carts featuring local foods, it was interesting to see what was featured for each country.  For Canada, the staff were dressed in flannel shirts and the pavilion was dominated with totem poles, maple syrup, Canadian bacon sandwiches, and salmon burgers.  For the American Adventure pavilion, which showcased American tradition and history, staff were dressed in ‘early American’ clothing and the featured culinary delights?  Giant turkey legs, popcorn, hot dogs and funnel cakes.  (I’m going to leave it at that since I know that there are both Canadian & American readers…)

And for those of you, like me, who went to Epcot when they were young and all they could remember was the Norwegian boat ride and the purple dragon named ‘Figment’, there’s actually quite a bit to see and do at the park.  Plus, there are a few new additions – going hand gliding at the Soarin’ attraction or being a crash test dummy at Test Track. The one BIG change was the Epcot Dome.  The “Technology” part of the attraction has been taken out and instead you interact with a touch screen and create your own futuristic video, and after the ride you have the option to email it to yourself.  And voila, a branded digital souvenir.




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